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Payments Statuses

  • Paid: The payment has been successfully processed, and the corresponding amount has been successfully transferred from the customer's account to the recipient's account.
  • Payment Processing: The payment is currently being processed. The system is actively working on completing the transaction. This status indicates an intermediate stage between initiation and completion.
  • Payment Failed: The payment attempt has failed to go through. This could be due to various reasons such as insufficient funds, technical issues, or other errors. The customer might need to take action to resolve the issue.
  • Payment Invalid: The payment information provided is invalid or incomplete, preventing the system from processing the payment. This might be due to incorrect credit card details, missing information, or other data-related issues.
  • Complete: The entire payment process, including any related actions or steps, has been successfully finished. This status signifies that the payment journey has concluded without any issues.
  • Payment Refunded: A previously paid amount has been returned or refunded to the customer. This could be due to a cancellation, a returned item, or any other circumstance where the original payment needs to be reversed.

Payment status can be manually changed when editing payments in the Payments tab.

The statuses are automatically updated in the Dashboard when they change in Stripe, currently three statuses are supported:

  • Success
  • Failed
  • Refunded