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Divi Popup Maker

Use the Divi Page Builder to create amazing pop-ups using the 'Popup Maker' plugin. We've also added a custom module that allows you to trigger any of the popups you have made using a Divi button.

This plugin REQUIRES Popup Maker. It is a simple extension to bring that plugin's features into the Divi ecosystem and it will not work without it.

People love the Popup Maker plugin but, by default it doesn’t allow the use of the Divi Page Builder, and the standard trigger (text that when clicked, opens a pop-up) isn’t styled and it looks a little out of place when running on Divi.

This extension solves both problems by enabling the page builder for use with Popup Maker and adding a custom Trigger CTA Module.


  1. Download and install the plugin in the standard way
  2. Go to Popup Maker > Add Popup and you’ll see the option to use the page builder is there now.
  3. To use the Trigger Module, just add it to any page and then add the ID of the popup that you want to use.
  4. The rest of the functionality comes from Popup Maker itself which is extensively documented here.