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What Our Customers Say

Tim Strifler
5 stars review
I’m proud to call WP Zone our partner

WP Zone is no doubt a leader in the Divi community and market. You can’t talk about Divi products, education, layouts, etc. without mentioning one of their products, tutorials, or tools. Not only is their offering phenomenal but their whole team is top notch in the way they support their customers, and the entire Divi community at large. I’m proud to call WP Zone our partner.

5 stars review
They are legit as they get

They are legit as they get. They respond fast. Solve problems that support doesn't need to solve and their plugins and themes are great!

Prize Deming
5 stars review
The best product catalog for Divi

They have a rather large catalog, perfectly kept up to date with every patch or new version of Divi (EVERY update). The support is very reactive, attentive and benevolent.They give you tips for things you wouldn't necessarily have thought of and allow you to go further in your projects. Despite the large catalog of products they have, they keep coming out with better, newer, more elaborate, with more features, a redesigned design. They are geniuses. They think of everyone and above all, with their products EVERYTHING can be changed at will.

Martle Heyns
5 stars review
Always a pleasure dealing with WP Zone

Always a pleasure dealing with WP Zone. They provide some of the best DIVI plugins and their support is great.

Michael Poole
5 stars review
Very helpful team

Very helpful team who responded quickly to my problem. I particularly love their wide range of plugins which really boost the Divi theme that many marketers know and love.

5 stars review
I have never had access to this level of service

After many years of experience with WordPress I have never had access to this level of service. Their top ratings and reviews are without doubt well earned and fiercely backed up with exceptional expertise and an outgoing support team to match. Upgraded to the Lifetime Membership after trying out with the year one. The Lifetime Membership has access to one of the most amazing courses included with it.

What’s Included In Lifetime Membership

#1 Selling Divi Child theme
View Product
View Product

Ninja Forms Module For Divi

Top seller
View Product

Divi Payment Module

View Product

Divi Advanced Pricing Table Module

top seller
View Product
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Last Chance to Get Lifetime Membership,


Annual Membership

Lifetime Membership

OVER $4,000 VALUE!
$199 $499 $399
Billed annually Billed one time
WordPress & Divi Tools
WordPress Plugins
WordPress Plugins 26 26
Divi Plugins
Divi Plugins 19 19
WooCommerce and Reporting Plugins
WooCommerce and Reporting Plugins 13 13
Child Themes
Child Themes 28 28
7 Icon Packs
7 Icon Packs
10+ Divi Layouts
10+ Divi Layouts
WordPress, WooCommerce & Divi eBook Guides
WordPress, WooCommerce & Divi eBook Guides
WP Layouts Storage
WP Layouts Storage 500 Layouts 500 Layouts
Select Divi And WordPress Courses
Select Divi And WordPress Courses 25% OFF
AI Image Lab Pro
AI Image Lab Pro
? AI Image Lab Pro is not available as part of the Annual or Lifetime membership, however, we offer a free version of the plugin. This decision is due to the fact that the AI image generation functionality is hosted on our servers, and it consumes a significant amount of server resources. As the number of images generated increases, our processing power costs also rise. To offset these expenses and provide access to the AI Image Lab capabilities, we offer a free version with limited features, allowing users to experience the technology without additional cost. Moreover, for Annual and Lifetime Members, we offer a significant savings in the monthly cost of AI Image Lab Pro.
Updates And New Features
Updates And New Features
WP Zone Hosting Credits
WP Zone Hosting Credits $50 $50
10% Discount On All Products *
10% Discount On All Products *
Use on Unlimited Websites
Use on Unlimited Websites
Access To The Members Area
Access To The Members Area
Helper Plugin
Helper Plugin
Access To The Demo Zone
Access To The Demo Zone
Access To Future Products & Releases
Access To All Future Products & Releases
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the Membership?

Simply put, our membership offers the best value by far.

You get access to our entire catalog of Divi plugins, layouts, child themes, and icons at ~90% off the full price of those products. If you’re planning on buying even just a few of our products, then a membership already saves you money compared to purchasing separately.

And if you’re a professional designer or developer using Divi to create websites for clients, then membership is a complete no-brainer (even if we’re a little biased ?).

We say that because most of our customers who use Divi to make websites for a living find themselves using a handful of our plugins (like Divi Switch, Page Builder Everywhere, Divi Ghoster, WP and Divi Icons, and Divi Footer Editor, to mention a few) over and over again to save time and achieve things that aren’t possible without them.

On top of that, membership gets you either a sweet discount (20% off for Annual Membership) or full access (with Lifetime Membership) to our premium Divi Courses: Transforming Divi with CSS and JQuery and Divi Module Creators Course. So when you’re ready to take that next step and start creating advanced websites that really set you apart, those courses are ready and waiting.

What happens after payment?

As soon as you pay, you’ll be directed to your Account Dashboard where you can immediately access all of our (sorry, your) Premium products.

How long do I have to wait to get access to the products?

As soon as you purchase a membership, they’re yours!

What are the differences between the Annual and Lifetime Memberships that Divi Space offers?

Let’s start with the obvious: Annual Membership gets you access to our products for one year at a time, whereas you pay once for a Lifetime Membership and those products are yours forever.

Aside from that, Lifetime Membership gets you full access to select Divi and WordPress courses, while Annual Membership gets you 20% off those same courses as long as you purchase while your membership is active.

When can I upgrade my membership?

At 2 a.m. on a Wednesday, in between bites of a taco salad, while watching Game of Thrones reruns, at the precise moment that you realize you’ll never want to stop using our products…

In other words, absolutely any time you want.

What if I buy a membership and then change my mind?

First of all, we consider that highly unlikely.

However, our memberships come with a 14-day no questions asked money-back guarantee (as do all of our products). If you decide you want to cancel your membership within that 14 day window, just email [email protected] and we’ll refund your full purchase amount.

Can I get access to your products without joining the WP Zone membership?


Except for a handful of members-only plugins, all of our products are available for individual purchase.

How do I get support?

Email us anytime at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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