Custom CSS and JavaScript Developer Edition

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Custom CSS and JavaScript Developer Edition

Custom CSS and JavaScript Developer Edition

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

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Custom CSS and JavaScript Developer Edition
Perfect for WordPress users who are looking for an easy way to supercharge a WordPress website, the Custom CSS and JavaScript plugin allows users to write CSS and JavaScript with an intuitive custom code editor.
An extremely convenient way to add CSS and JavaScript code to a WordPress website, the plugin allows the webmaster to make powerful aesthetic and functional site enhancements with ease. Keeping code well structured and organized, the plugin boasts an incredibly useful virtual multi-file interface. Here, all virtual code files created in the plugin will display in individual tabs, making the process of adding and changing custom CSS and JavaScript code easy.


The plugin serves custom CSS and JavaScript code through the filesystem rather than  the SQL database for enhanced performance. The plugin also includes a single file compile process so that the browser doesn’t need to make a separate request for each virtual CSS or JavaScript file.


Thanks to the handy Live View feature, CSS changes can be previewed while editing, before they appear to site visitors. Previews display in real time and open in a second browser tab for extra convenience. Changes to the code are documented through a history feature. Here, timestamped revisions are stored automatically when the code is saved, and can be reverted to if need be. 

Adding to the already enjoyable user experience, the code editor offers syntax highlighting, including easy to use line numbering, automatic indentation and color coding, to make the code writing process even easier. The plugin also saves changes via AJAX without reloading the editor to ensure that users will not lose their place while writing lines and lines of code.


With all code edits kept separate from the core files and theme files, WordPress users can make CSS and JavaScript edits with comfort and confidence knowing that all core WordPress and theme code  will remain intact.

Custom CSS and JavaScript Developer Edition Features:
  • Use the CSS Live View functionality in the Custom CSS editor to preview CSS changes in near real time in a second browser tab/window (on supported web browsers).
  • CSS Live Preview works on any page in your site, not just the homepage.
  • Use features of the SASS CSS extension language, such as variables, nesting, and more. A SASS compiler is included with the plugin.
  • The code editor features syntax highlighting for CSS and JavaScript, line numbering, and automatic indentation.
  • CSS and JavaScript changes are saved via AJAX without reloading the editor to preserve progress.
  • Multi-file interface splits code across multiple virtual files, accessed via tabs above the editor, allowing the developer to work systematically and organize code files.
  • The multi-file interface works using a single file compile process, helping to preserve frontend performance.
  • As changes are saved in the respective custom CSS or JavaScript files, a timestamped revision is created, allowing users to revert to a previous version of the file if desired.
  • All CSS or JavaScript code is combined into a single CSS or JavaScript file, optionally minified to reduce file size, and served directly from the filesystem to avoid  additional database queries when custom code is loaded on the frontend.
  • Save and reuse general-purpose code with the import and export function. Simply click the Download button to get the latest revision as a file or click Download All to get all of the CSS or JavaScript files at the same time in a single zip file.
  • Compatible with any standards-compliant WordPress theme.
Custom CSS and JavaScript Developer Edition Details:
The Custom CSS and JavaScript Developer Edition plugin integrates seamlessly with the native WordPress aesthetic. After installation and activation, the plugin will create its own menu items in the Appearance menu in the WordPress dashboard.

Here, the user will see two menu items , Custom CSS and Custom Javascript, each of which opens a multi-file tabbed interface.

Custom CSS

In the Custom CSS editor, the user is able to view all of the virtual .css and .scss files saved in the plugin. With the tabbed display, which separates virtual CSS files, the user can work efficiently and effectively without losing track of snippets or searching through lines and lines of code.


The Custom CSS editor comes complete with support for the SASS CSS extension language, allowing developers to make use of variables, nesting, and so on, with built-in automatic compilation to regular CSS. Also included within the Custom CSS feature is the ability to preview work in real time. This feature is only available for use with compatible browsers.

Custom Javascript

Mirroring the Custom CSS editor, the Custom JavaScript editor uses the same multi-file tabbed interface.


With both the Custom CSS and Custom Javascript editor, syntax highlighting is enabled, complete with color coding, indentations and line numbering. Both editors offer an automatic history or revision feature, allowing the user to revert to a previous code version if need be. Both editors also include a download option, either for single files or all files in the editor, to be exported and then imported into later web builds.

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled


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