Divi Shop Builder For WooCommerce

Divi Shop Builder For WooCommerce

Enhance your WooCommerce store with over 15 customizable modules, emphasizing advanced filtering and unique product layouts. This tool seamlessly integrates with Divi, improving both design and functionality for a superior shopping experience.

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Everything You Need For Your Divi Ecommerce Site To CONVERT

Divi Shop Builder, the #1 Divi Plugin for Woocommerce just got a MAJOR upgrade and we are excited to shout it from the rooftops!

This amazing plugin allows you to utilize the Divi page builder to completely customize your website’s store experience. Divi Shop Builder 2.0 allows you to select from 15 powerful n modules Expand the Divi builder to your WooCommerce Shop, Cart, and Checkout pages. Build and customize all your Divi website’s ecommerce pages with the ease and familiarity of Divi’s drag and drop visual builder.

Cart Dropdown Module NEW

Side Cart Module NEW

Full Control To Display Products NEW

Advanced Ajax Product Filtering NEW

Checkout Flow – 6 Modules

Multi-Step Checkout Module BETA

Custom Cart Icon NEW

Easy Customisation With Visual Builder

My Account Page

Menu Call To Action NEW

Show Products In Search Results NEW

Divi Templates Library

Registration Form

Lost Password Form

Login Form

Free Live Demo

Product List And Grid View

Product Image Flip NEW

Cart To Finish

Use the Divi page builder to completely customize your website’s store experience. Use Divi modules for building Cart and Checkout pages and for adding product content to any page including endless configuration controls. From the personal information and shipping details to coupons and the final purchase button, your checkout page needs to feel safe and professional.

  • Real-Time customization
  • Style with precision in Visual Builder
  • 7 modules for the cart and checkout pages
  • My Account, Login, Registrator module
  • Thank You page module
  • Notifications module

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Advanced AJAX Filtering NEW FEATURES

Seamlessly refine product searches in real-time, instantly updating results for precise, dynamic, and efficient browsing.

  • Insert, customise and stylise filters in Visual Builder
  • Quick filtering of products using AJAX
  • Filter by categories, attributes, tags, taxonomies, price, stock status
  • Dynamic product counts
  • Autocomplete search filters
  • Conditional Filters Display
  • Present filters that are relevant to the current page
  • Elements include: price slider, checkboxes, radio, dropdown, color swatches, image select and more!

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Vertical / Horizontal Layout NEW

Choose vertical or horizontal layouts with our adaptable filter module, providing custom solutions for varied design preferences.

Color Swatches NEW

Easily explore products by visually selecting your preferred colors, providing a seamless and enjoyable way to find the perfect items.

Image Filtering NEW

Revolutionize shopping with our image-select filter. Visually refine searches for an intuitive way to discover what you desire.

Custom Taxonomy Filter NEW

Integrates with diverse plugins’ custom taxonomies, ensuring customers easily find specific products.

Advanced Product Display Across Every Page NEW FEATURES

Present your WooCommerce products seamlessly with the Woo Shop+ module. Sell from any page, customize every element—from text to animations—with the Divi editor. Use it on shop pages, product archives, theme builder templates, or anywhere Divi Builder operates. Tailor your online store effortlessly for a unique and engaging shopping experience.

  • Dynamically display products on any page, post, etc. of your website
  • Fine-tune the product elements you would like to display
  • Enjoy full styling control over your products such as colors, overlay, icons, buttons, ratings, badges, navigation, price, and animations all with the ease and familiarity of the Divi editor.

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Display New Badges On Recent Products

Grab attention to new products and automate the badging process with Woo Shop+ Module. Display NEW badge based on the product published date and help clients make purchasing decisions and increase conversion rates.

Show, Hide, or Reposition Product Elements

Get full control over feature images, titles, ratings, sales badges, new badges, price, add to cart buttons, quantity, category, SKU, product description, custom product taxonomy, and stock.

Dynamic List and Grid View Shop Sorting

Change from grid product view to list view with one-click or let users choose how products are listed dynamically. This can be a big help for users making a decision and provides a better user-experience for your store.

Better Excerpt Creator and Controls

Display custom descriptions on your shop page including word count limits for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Sky’s the limit – with the proper styling, you can create unique badges for your products.

Product Image Flip NEW

Showcase multiple product images on shop and category pages with multiple transition options. When a user hovers over the featured product image, the next product gallery image will display.

Display Add To Cart Button

Guide customers seamlessly with a prominently displayed Add to Cart button, ensuring instant purchases and a streamlined shopping experience.

Works With Ajax Filering Module

Enjoy dynamic and streamlined shopping interactions, effortlessly refine searches with our advanced filtering for a personalized and efficient browsing experience

WooCommerce Mini Cart Module NEW

Revolutionize navigation with Divi Shop Builder’s Cart Icon integration! Customize and stylize the Cart Icon seamlessly in the Visual Builder for universal impact.

  • Display Mini Cart In menu, floating or anywhere on the page
  • Add Mini Cart item to any menu with Divi Layout inserter
  • Two available display types
  • Choose the display type based on click or hover action
  • 15 available cart icon styles to match your site style

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Dropdown Cart NEW

Increase conversions by allowing your customers to easily access their shopping cart from any page of your website. The new mini cart module is powered by the Divi Builder + WooCommerce and offers several click action effects and endless styling options.

Side Cart NEW

Improve your customers’ shopping experience by displaying cart contents directly on the page with Divi Shop Builder’s ajax-powered side cart. Eliminate the need to leave your shop and product pages to review their cart, change quantities, or remove items, providing a more seamless purchasing process.

Multi Step Checkout BETA

Enhance user satisfaction and boost conversions by employing our multi-step checkout feature. Breaking down the process into manageable steps not only creates a better user experience but also significantly improves your conversion rates.

  • Minimize steps and optimize the process for higher conversions
  • Combine with Divi Shop Builder and native Divi modules
  • Display Divi Library Layout as a checkout step


Call to Action Menu Button

Guide customers toward primary conversion actions with Divi Shop Builder’s built-in call-to-action integration for navigation menus, which allows you to add one or more Divi Button modules along with your standard menu items, by selecting Divi Library Layout.

Show products in Search Results

Empower your shopping experience with enhanced Divi Search module settings. Now, effortlessly find WooCommerce products by name, description, and optionally, by tag name. Tailor your search for a personalized and efficient exploration.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee on all purchases. If you are not happy with your membership or products, we will refund your purchase.

Usage Examples

View a selection of real examples and experience the full potential of Divi Shop Builder plugin for your website.

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Try all the amazing features of Divi Shop Builder  and get full backend control and access to Divi page builder and module settings.

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  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled


  • Amazing Divi & WooCommerce extension

    I’m a huge Divi fan and use the theme a lot, however the native Divi modules for WooCommerce are buggy and in some cases just faulty and not my favourite way to build an ecommerce solution..
    Divi Space and their Divi Shop Builder for WooCommerce came to the rescue and is now my go to solution for building WooCommerce sites while using Divi.
    I can highly recommend this plugin as well as the team at Divi Space, their support is always fast and very helpful.

  • Very Robust Woocommerce Solution for Divi

    Beautiful templates, you can literally customize your Divi Woocommerce store using Divi Shop builder. Especially your checkout, and my account.

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    Divi Shop Builder For WooCommerce

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    • Billed once per year until cancelled

    • Billed once per year until cancelled

    • Billed once per year until cancelled

    All price options are billed annually (except for lifetime plans or where otherwise indicated). You may cancel your subscription at any time. Products subject to a yearly license for support and updates. View terms.