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Divi Modules Creators Course


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Divi Module Creators Course
Learn how to extend the Divi framework and create custom solutions for personal and public web projects by learning how to build Divi modules using the ‘Divi Create Extension’ utility. As a Divi Module Creator, you’ll set yourself ahead of the pack by offering specialist custom development services.

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Divi Module Creators Course
Designed to teach Divi developers how to extend the Divi framework, the Divi Module Creators Course will equip learners with the skills and knowledge to utilize the ‘Divi Create Extension’ utility in order to create custom solutions with the Divi theme.

The Divi Module Creators Course will give learners a deep understanding of the Divi theme framework, it’s modules and how to develop custom modules that satisfy both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Within the course, learners will be exposed to plenty of new content and concepts, including learning core development skills, witnessing React.js and JSX in action and discovering the Divi module creation process from start to finish.

By the end of the course, learners will have created two custom modules for the Divi theme, one of which will include complex functionality, such as creating modules with settings for conditional logic and database interaction.

About The Divi Module Creators Course
While the Divi theme requires no knowledge of code to function, the framework outperforms when the developer creates custom functionality. In order to deliver a truly unique, custom web solution with Divi, the developer needs to be familiar with the framework inside and out, and have a deep understanding of how to work with its elements.

Divided into four parts of over 20 lessons, the Divi Module Creators Course is designed to teach Divi users of all skill levels how to create and package custom Divi modules. As well as the video lessons, the Divi Module Creators Course includes quizzes for learners to test their progress, as well as two practical assignments to build Divi modules of varying complexity.

During the course, learners will get access to a private Facebook group. Here, they can interact directly with SJ James, the course facilitator, and members of the Divi Space support team. Learners can also engage with peer students who are progressing through the course material at a similar time.

Once the course is completed, students will get exclusive access to a number of free post-course resources, including over 20 setting field templates, four Divi extension blueprint of working modules and a JSX cheat sheet to facilitate learning a new programming language.

The Divi Module Creators Course Syllabus
The Divi Module Creators Course is split into four sections with over 18 hours  of instruct divided into more than 20 video-led lessons. Throughout the course, you’ll receive assignments and quizzes to track your progress and test your comprehension.

By the end of the course, you will have built your own custom Divi module.


Part 1:

Course Introduction & Setting Up a Development Environment


  • In Part 1, you’ll be introduced to the course material. You’ll be taught how to set up a Divi development environment, and also, how to install all of the necessary software to prepare for module development.
  • Also in Part 1, we’ll take an extensive look at what powers the Create Divi Extension Utility and create development blueprints that’ll help us speed up custom module creation going forward.

Part 2:

Divi Module Settings and Fields Explained


  • In Part 2 you’ll be exposed to the process of building modules. You’ll learn how to use all of the field setting available within a Divi module, how to test your changes and how to compile code once completed.
  • In this section of the course, you’ll learn how the modules function, such as how you can enable media uploads in a module, create conditional fields that only show up if another option is enabled, and more.

Part 3:

First Practical, Building Your First Module


  • In Part 3 we’re going to move beyond the Creadmc_te Divi Extension template and create our first custom Divi module. In this section, you’ll see the Divi module development process from start to finish. You’ll also be taught how to navigate through any issues that may arise.
  • The Create Divi Extension is not without its bugs, so in the section, we’ll focus on how to troubleshoot and overcome bugs should you find them. We’ll also discuss what the best practices are for reporting those bugs to ensure that the create-divi-extension is always improving.

Part 4:

Second Practical, Advanced & Dynamic Modules


  • In Part 4, we’re going to create another Divi module, but this time we’re going to go a little more in depth. We’re going  to incorporate some of the more complex field options, as well as conditional logic and dynamic content. 
  • Also in Part 4, we’ll take a look at the bonus resources that we’ve put together to enable you to speed up module development post-course.
Why should I enroll?

Build Custom Modules for Web Projects


Advance Your Career in 18 Hours


No Knowledge of Programming Languages Required


Private Facebook Support Group

Advance Your
What’s included?

Course Introduction

Introduction to the Command Line Interface

Creating A Divi Extension

Getting to know the creat-divi-extension github repo

Creating a Divi Extension Blueprint

Introduction to React JS

The Foundations of A Divi Module: The PHP

The Foundations of A Divi Module: The JSX

Enqueueing CSS & Javascript

Settings: Field Types and Conditional Logic

Settings: Display Groups

Settings: Advanced Fields

Practical: Building A Module

Practical: Wireframing our Module

Practical: From Static Code to a Divi Module

Learn With The Best
SJ James

SJ James

Course instructor

Stephen James is a UK based web developer whose name is synonymous with Divi.  An early adopter of ‘Divi as a framework’,  his easy to follow tutorials and Divi extensions have saved thousands of designers from hours of pain.
Divi Module Creators Course Features
Learn how to extend the Divi framework by building custom Divi modules
Develop two custom Divi modules during practical sessions to use with the Divi framework
Enjoy a variety of learning experiences from a range of multimedia material including detailed videos, informative webinars, quizzes to test progress and more
  • Join a private Facebook group for direct communication and support from the Divi Space team and to interact with peer students in the course
  • Gain lifetime access all lessons and downloadable course-related material
  • Get exclusive access to a number of free post-course resources


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