The Best 35 Divi Child Themes for Your Divi Website 2021

The Best 35 Divi Child Themes for Your Divi Website 2021

Divi child themes really are wonderful things. They allow you to create websites in rapid time, as opposed to building from ground up, and all of the bells and whistles are already set up for you.

Every aspect of a web build – including UX planning, aesthetic design, layout, animations, and functionality – is already crafted, and all you need to do is simply enter your relevant content and imagery.

There are some absolutely amazing Divi child themes created by incredible child theme designers and developers, and to help you with making a purchase decision, we’ve rounded up a collection of the Top 35 Divi Child Themes available in 2021.

For the purpose of this blog post, we’ve split our list of into categories that align with your potential clients’ business industries. Often, child themes are built to be extremely versatile, so there are bound to be crossovers within these industry categories. Keep an open mind when reading this blog post.

One of the best things about being a web designer or developer is the ability to imagine a client’s brand and content types within new forms, so if you’ve found a great restaurant theme that would be perfect for a tattoo artist or an ad agency, don’t hold back on purchasing it and making it your own.

Each of the child themes are highly customizable so entering your own or your client’s content will be a breeze. And if you ever get stuck, just contact the child theme developers via their respective sites.

To run any of these awesome Divi child themes, you must have the latest version of Divi by Elegant Themes installed. Once Divi is activated, simply upload the .zip file of your child theme (in the exact same way as you uploaded the Divi .zip file). Again, install and activate the child theme. This ensures that Divi will run as the parent theme and that the child theme will inherit all of the relevant functionality. Once up and running, you’re free to enter all of the relevant content for your or your client’s site.

To read more about child themes and why they should be used when developing websites, we recommend reading the following articles:

Please Note: Some of the child themes listed below are not our own. This post serves merely as an opinion piece. The child themes have been selected objectively – and are listed in no particular order – to showcase the work of amazing Divi child theme developers. Should you purchase one of the child themes listed below, support is provided by the developer.

All prices (in USD) and images are at the time of writing. At the time of reading, some discounts, sale prices and special offers may no longer apply. With this, the original product values are provided in the event that any price fluctuations may occur.

The Best Divi Child Themes for Business and Corporates

If you’re busy with or are about to begin, a client web build for either a small business, a corporate company, an agency or similar, have a look at the following Divi child themes. Each of the child themes listed below have design aspects and functionality that will really help let your client’s web build stand out from the pack.

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