Now In Divi: Get Elegant Themes’ Extra Functionality With Divi Extras

Now In Divi: Get Elegant Themes’ Extra Functionality With Divi Extras
Not only are we offering a massive 25% discount on our a la carte purchases of child themes and plugins in our store, but we’re also dropping the price of our Lifetime Membership from $297 to $249!

Incredible value for money, our Lifetime Membership gives you an all-access pass to use each and every one of our existing products and all future new releases on an unlimited number of site builds.

As well as our child themes, plugins, and layout packs, our Memberships come with exclusive members’ only bonuses and resources.

But that’s not all!

This Black Friday, we’re giving our members even more bang for their buck! We’ll be releasing four brand new Divi products – two plugins and two child themes – as well as access to our brand new online course, exclusively within the Lifetime Membership deal!

We’ve already showcased the stunning Divi Business Pro child theme:

As well as the beautiful divi ecommerce child theme:
Today, we’re giving you a sneak peek of one of our new plugins.

We’re thrilled to introduce Divi Extras!

Create Beautiful Web Designs with the Divi Extras Plugin

Bridging the gap between Elegant Themes’ two legendary WordPress frameworks, Divi and Extra, our plugin, Divi Extras, lets you bring all of the amazing Extra modules into the Divi Builder.

Lightweight, robust and seriously powerful, our latest plugin, Divi Extras will help you create beautiful and truly unique page and post layouts with the Divi Builder.

Not sure if Divi Extras is for you?

  • You’re tired of Divi’s native full width and grid blog modules
  • You’re keen to present a blog or news stream in an exciting way but you don’t know how
  • Either your or your client’s websites publish high volumes of content that need to be displayed and organized in an attractive way
  • You have little to no knowledge of code and are not thrilled at the thought of tinkering around with PHP, HTML and CSS
  • You’re looking for new and exciting ways to produce unique page layouts with the Divi Builder.

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the statements above, then Divi Extras is exactly what you’re looking for!


We love Divi, and we’re sure you do too… but it’s time to spice up your web designs to make even better websites!

With Divi Extras, you can display you post content in new and exciting ways, previously unheard of with Divi.

Instead of using the Blog module in the standard fashion, of either full width or grid display, with Divi Extras you can showcase your content like never before!

Divi Extras Demo Tabbed Post
Simply open the Divi Builder and select one of the brand new Divi Extras modules to start creating incredible page layouts!

Divi Extras Blog Feed Masonry

Give your blog stream a stylish new look and feel by using the Blog Feed Masonry module. Despite the character length of your post title or excerpt, the post previews will automatically adapt to the available space, ensuring that your blog page looks flawless. 
Divi Space DiviExtras Blog Feed Masonry

Divi Extras Blog Feed Standard

If you’re looking for a more uniform look for your blog roll, use the Blog Feed Standard module to create a stylish aesthetic.
Divi Space DiviExtras Blog Feed Standard

Divi Extras Blog Feed Carousel

Perfect for adding high volumes of posts without using up too much space within a single page, use the Blog Feed Carousel to add a stunning, interactive carousel display for blog posts.
Divi Space Divi Extras Blog Post Carousel

Divi Extras Tabbed Posts

Another fabulous space-saving solution for websites with high volumes of content, the Divi Extras Tabbed Posts module divides content into various categories and displays posts in an orderly fashion with one primary post on the left-hand side.

Divi Extras Posts

Great for adding a number of blog posts in an unobtrusive way, the Divi Extras Posts module fits perfectly into just about any layout. Here is an example of three post modules each displaying a different category.

Divi Extras Featured Post Slider

Finally, to help you highlight posts of extreme importance, use the Divi Extras Featured Post Slider to create an effortlessly beautiful and interactive display of your most notable content.  
Divi Space DiviExtras Featured Post Slider

Divi Extras Ads Module

For those looking to include advertisements within their page layouts, the Divi Extras Ads Module allows you to As you might have guessed, the Ads Module allows you create ads quickly and easily. Simply upload advertisement images to the module, add a hyperlink and add custom HTML if need be.
Divi Space DiviExtras Featured Post Slider
As with all of the Divi Builder modules, the Divi Extras modules include the familiar Content, Design and Advanced tabs.

From the title, content and meta text, to the arrow navigation, pagination and more, practically every aspect of the Divi Extras module is customizable from within the module itself. If you’d like to customize the look and feel even further, the Advanced tab allows for custom CSS styling.

Divi Space DiviExtras Featured Post Slider Module
Launching in time for this year’s Black Friday promotion, Divi Extras will be included in the Divi Space Lifetime Membership Plan.  

Joining Divi Extras in the Lifetime Membership plan are our other new products:  Divi Business Pro, divi ecommerce and our brand new online course.

The Divi Space Lifetime Membership includes an all-access pass for you to use our full range of high-rated Divi, Extra, and WordPress products – child themes, plugins, layout packs and more – on an unlimited number of site builds!

Discounted from $297.00 all the way down to $249.00, grab your Divi Space Lifetime Membership this Black Friday and enjoy building incredible websites with Aspen Grove Studios!

The Aspen Grove Studios Black Friday – Cyber Monday promotion runs from the 22nd of November until the 28th of November.