Easy Digital Downloads, Contact Form Plugins and Celebrating 200 Episodes – WP The Podcast Recap

Easy Digital Downloads, Contact Form Plugins and Celebrating 200 Episodes – WP The Podcast Recap

Hosted by David Blackmon of Aspen Grove Studios and Divi Space, and Tim Strifler of Divi Life and Tim Strifler Online Solutions, WP The Podcast is a highly-informative, content-rich 10-minute-long podcast that releases episodes daily.

Created to help the WordPress professional success in reaching their business goals, WP The Podcast covers engaging and captivating topics revolving around WordPress, web development, marketing and business.

In the following post, we recap the past five episodes from the previous week.


Episode 200: Our Top 5 Episodes & Why We Love Podcasting

WP The Podcast Episode 200

Episode 200 celebrates a milestone for the podcast! 200 episodes later, with a large and constantly growing listener base, David and Tim are thrilled to be able to share valuable content with so many enquiring minds through the show. With this, in Episode 200 of WP The Podcast, David and Tim recap their favorite episodes of the show, and also share why they love podcasting so much!


Episode 201: Top 3 Backup Plugins for WordPress

WP The Podcast Episode 201

Episode 201 covers a very important aspect of web development – backups. In the episode, David and Tim share why it is vital to have a strong handle on the backup process of your website, and too, three of the best backup plugins that you can start using today.


Episode 202: How to Avoid Slow Periods in Your WordPress Web Design Business

WP The Podcast Episode 202

Episode 202 discusses how you can avoid slow periods in your business. Slightly similar to Episode 199: How to Get Web Design Business When Things are Slow, Episode 202 shares tactics that you can employ to prevent slow periods from happening in the first place. From looking for new leads by creating sales funnels or pipelines, to investing in content marketing, the advice shared in Episode 202 is bound to keep you busy.


Episode 203: 5 Reasons You Should Use Easy Digital Downloads for Digital Products

WP The Podcast Episode 203

Episode 203 will be of particular importance to web designers either looking to sell digital products online or working for clients who operate in a similar vein. In the episode, David and Tim discuss using Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) for digital products, covering a myriad of benefits of using EDD including the plethora of integrations and extensions, how EDD compares to other e-commerce platforms and much more.


Episode 204: Top 3 Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

WP The Podcast Episode 204

Episode 204 discusses three of the best contact form plugins that can be used for WordPress websites. From Gravity Forms to WP Forms, Episode 204 breaks down the features and benefits of each plugin to help you make an informed decision about which form plugin you should use for your WordPress website.


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