WordCamp Phoenix 2019 Recap

WordCamp Phoenix 2019 Recap

So I am on my flight home from WordCamp Phoenix 2019 and I wanted to take the time to reflect on this WordCamp. Tim Strifler and I gave a talk at the conference. It’s not the first time we have spoken together but I do think it was the best talk we have given to date. It was on email marketing and I would say Tim and I have a lot to say on this subject because it’s a driving force of revenue for both of our product companies. We are also very passionate about marketing in general, we could talk for days on anything business and marketing, we ARE the quintessential entrepreneurs.

Where it all began…

I remember attending my first WordCamp in 2016 here in Phoenix as well. I went to support my business partner Cory Jenkins as he was giving a talk on managing a remote team with Slack and Trello. A lot has changed in those 3 short years for all of us. I can honestly say I have never felt more fulfilled professionally as I do now as I sit here on this flight home in February of 2019.

If you have an opportunity to ever attend a WordCamp I highly encourage you to do it, it may just change your life forever as it did mine.


So what was so awesome or great about this WordCamp as opposed to all the others I have attended over the past 3 years? I think we are just in a great place with our businesses right now. We have exciting initiatives this year on the product sides of our business and some really exciting courses planned like an email marketing course in which the feedback from the audience was very affirming that we are moving in the right direction. We had so many people come up afterwards saying they wished it were a 2 hour workshop session as opposed to a 40 minute talk. We only had a few minutes at the end of the talk to answer questions and there were at least 20 hands up that we did not get to. That in and of itself was very encouraging in regards to the desire to learn email marketing. So be on the lookout for an email marketing course in 2019 🙂

Beyond the talk itself it is always great to connect with old friends and meet new ones. I got to meet Elegant Themes’ new video creator Matt Philie. I also got to meet Sam Anderson of the very popular vlog Samika. I also got to meet several podcast listeners as well which is always great.

“And it Begins…”

Everyone who knows me knows I am not a writer and it is painful for me but in 2019 I plan on trying to develop my voice through writing more content and hitting the publish button. I have also officially started my YouTube Vlog with my first video documenting my journey there and back. I am working on channeling my inner Casey Neistat or Andrew Neeme check it out if that’s your thing. If you enjoy it make sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to get notified when new vlog’s come out. And like and comment so we can get to know each other.

Watch Tim and I’s talk on email marketing here but please forgive the poor audio/video quality as I recorded it with my phone:

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Check out my first vlog!:


Thanks for reading my post, I actually enjoyed writing it and it wasn’t near as painful as I thought 🙂