White Label Your Extra Website with the Latest Version of Divi Ghoster!

White Label Your Extra Website with the Latest Version of Divi Ghoster!

We at Aspen Grove Studios are pleased to announce that the original white label Divi plugin, Divi Ghoster, is now compatible with Extra!

Still light-weight and just as powerful as ever, with the latest version of the Divi Ghoster plugin (version 2.1), you’re able to replace all of the site-wide evidence of your use of either the Divi or Extra theme from both the back and front end of your website. For continuity sake, we’re keeping the plugin name as ‘Divi Ghoster’ but don’t be deterred, its 100% engineered to work in conjunction with Extra.

Through Divi Ghoster 2.1, you’re able to create and promote an extra personalized feel for a website build by not only replacing all instances of Divi or Extra with custom text and branding – either your own or that of your clients – but too, you’re able to style out a custom login screen for the default WordPress sign-in console with the Login Customizer.

Having recently been updated to its second version – redeveloped ground up with brand new code – the Divi Ghoster plugin includes a few frequently requested features, and now, each and every one of these is available to web developers using Extra!

Also, great news for those of you who are using (and loving) the latest version of the Divi theme, Divi Ghoster 2.1 has been tested and works perfectly with Divi’s 3.0 front-end builder. So whether you’re building websites using Extra’s drag-and-drop modular builder or if you’re using Divi’s react.js front-end builder, you’ll be able to experience all of Divi Ghoster’s white-labelling power and put your web build into stealth mode with ease.

Divi Ghoster 2.1 Features

Enter a Custom Branding Name
This will replace each and every site-wide occurrence of either Divi or Extra related text with a custom brand name (either yours or your client’s). Now, your custom text will reflect within the Page Builder, Page Settings, Theme Settings consoles.

Upload a Custom Branding Image
This image will remove either the Divi or Extra icons from the back end of your WordPress website and replace it with a logo or graphic image of your choice.

Enter Custom Slug Text
Now, any URL that would include the terms ‘Divi’ or ‘Extra’ will reflect with custom text relating to either your or your client’s brand.

Ultimate Ghoster
Activating Ultimate Ghoster will hide:

  • The Divi or Extra theme from the theme selector console within the Appearance Tab
  • The Divi Ghoster plugin from your WordPress dashboard
  • White label slug with custom text for site-wide URLS
  • Other Divi-Related plugins (including Divi Switch, Divi Booster, Aspen Footer Editor) from your WordPress dashboard
  • Your use of the Divi or Extra theme from source code (now, when inspecting your website by using the Google Chrome Developer Tools, your website will display the relevant custom text entered through the Divi Ghoster Dashboard)
  • Your use of the Divi or Extra theme from theme detectors.

* Note: To enable Ultimate Ghoster, your permalink structure must be set to any option other than Plain. To change your permalink setup, navigate to Settings > Permalinks and choose any other option but Plain

* Note: Make sure that you save the specified link before activating Ultimate Ghoster (provided within the plugin’s dashboard). You’ll need to visit this link in order to deactivate Ultimate Ghoster and resume building as normal, so save this link in a very safe place.


After purchasing Divi Ghoster 2.1, you’ll receive a download link for the plugin. Before installing Divi Ghoster, make sure to set your Permalink structure to any option other than Plain (the default permalink setting). To do this, navigate to Settings > Permalinks from your WordPress Dashboard and select one of the alternate options.

Once the plugin download is complete, navigate to Plugins > Add New and upload the downloaded .zip file of Divi Ghoster to your WordPress back-end. Once you Activate the plugin, you’ll see a brand new Divi Ghoster tab in your WordPress Dashboard menu.

We hope that you enjoy using the Divi Ghoster plugin in conjunction with your web build projects with the Extra theme! We’d love to hear about your experiences with using the Divi Ghoster so please feel free to leave any comments or questions below!

Thanks for reading!

Lisa-Robyn Keown

Lisa-Robyn is a qualified copywriter and brand strategist from Cape Town, South Africa.