The Top Ten Divi Chat Episodes – Recapping the Divi Chat Podcast

The Top Ten Divi Chat Episodes – Recapping the Divi Chat Podcast
Over a year old already, the Divi Chat podcast is one of the best resources available for Divi users of all skill levels.

Each week, key members of the global Divi community get together and host a round-table discussion revolving around a specific topic relating to Divi, WordPress, web development, business practices or similar.

The panel members are all expert Divi designers. They’ve all spent a number of years honing in on their WordPress web design and development skills, and too, have a particular affinity for crafting web presences with Divi.

From freelancers to full-scale marketing agency owners, the panel members are all credible, extremely knowledgable and are always thrilled to share the gold nuggets of advice they’ve picked up along the way.

In the following post, we’ve rounded up the top ten most popular Divi Chat episodes for your convenience.

We hope that you enjoy these episodes and they bring you either a new insight, a big idea or inspiration for a current or upcoming project.

Divi Chat Episode 48 – Burnout: Recognizing, Coping, and Overcoming

Tackling on a rather personal topic on Episode 48, the Divi Chat team discussed burn out.

An often quiet, not widely discussed topic in the industry is the concept of hard work and the price that comes along with working for oneself. Self-care and good mental health practices are often the last on the list of considerations for business owners, seeing the needs of clients and the business itself come first more often than not.

In Episode 48, the Divi Chat panel explores burnout by discussing how to recognize the symptoms and what preventative methods can be put into place.

Divi Chat Episode 02: How has Divi changed your workflow?

One of the first Divi Chat episodes, Episode 2 posed the question to the panel, ‘How has using Divi changed your workflow?’

A deeply engaging episode, members of the panel each shared their own personal Divi story and explained how this incredibly versatile, robust and highly customizable framework has helped improve their overall workflow as web designers and business leaders.

A great episode for new users, or even seasoned web designers who are looking for a few new ways to streamline their work processes, the episode will offer time-saving and management insights from the best in the business.

Divi Chat Episode 17 – Divi Chat’s Favorite Divi Plugins

One of the most incredible aspects of Divi is the fact that the framework can easily be expanded to introduce custom functionality. In a relatively short space of time, the Divi development space has grown from strength to strength, seeing more and more high-quality third-party plugins become available to Divi users.

In Episode 17 of Divi Chat, the panel shares their all-time favorite Divi plugins, as created by some of the leading third-party Divi development agencies and independents in the world. A number of these products have been created by Divi Space and can be viewed here.

Note, the coupon codes shared in the episode description and show notes are no longer valid.

Divi Chat Episode 42 – How to Handle Hosting for Clients

A great episode for Divi business owners looking to expand upon their service offerings, Episode 42 of Divi Chat centers around how to offer and manage web hosting services for clients.

If applicable to you, your business model and the future of your business, Episode 42 is filled to the brim with value for you. This episode covers plenty, including how to select the best hosting company, the differences between the various hosting packages and how to get started with reseller hosting.

Divi Chat Episode 13 – How to Find Clients

A business can’t exist without clients, and clients can sometimes be tricky to land – especially for new designers entering the industry.

In Episode 13 of Divi Chat, the large panel shares each of their individual methods and tactics for finding and securing new clients.

Divi Chat Episode 62 – Our First Look at Gutenberg

The first of many Gutenberg-focused talks, Episode 62 saw the panel share their thoughts on the brand new WordPress editor. Scheduled to arrive in the forthcoming WordPress core update, Gutenberg is due to replace the traditional TinyMCE editor present in WordPress core to offer a wholly new, block-based way of building WordPress websites.

In Episode 62, the Divi Chat panel got together to discuss their experience with the Gutenberg editor. In the episode, they also share what they think the new editor will do for the future of Divi and WordPress.

We wrote an extensive blog post that detailed the new Gutenberg builder for our partner site, Aspen Grove Studios. For more information, head over to the blog to read the post, The WordPress Gutenberg Editor – A Comprehensive Overview.

Divi Chat Episode 14 – How to Determine Pricing for Custom Builds

A sometimes difficult subject for some is the subject of pricing. In Episode 14 of Divi Chat, the panel broached this daunting topic to give fellow web designers a few new outlooks on how they can better price their web building services.

As well as sharing various pricing strategies, the panel also discusses how pricing models had changed over time, how business models can affect pricing models and also how to consider pricing maintenance work.

The episode also offers an awesome free resource. Shared by Geno Quiroz of Monterey Premier, Episode 14 of Divi Chat includes a handy website quote template that you can use to compare your pricing strategies against.

Divi Chat Episode 01 – Ditching The Competitor Mindset To Achieve Success

A key component of the Divi community is the ever-present availability of help and assistance from an array of sources, often found in the Facebook groups. Among other things, one of the Divi community’s key values is based on collaboration, not competition, and the very first episode of Divi Chat saw the panel tackle the concept of competition head-on.

A truly fabulous bit of content, Episode 1 of Divi Chat discussed the concept of co-opetition in the Divi community.

Episode 23 – Divi + SEO

A topic that is often met with a bit of confusion is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In Episode 23 of Divi Chat, the panel got together to break down the myriad of processes relating to SEO and applied them directly to both WordPress and the Divi theme.

As well as debunking myths, sharing crucial concepts and detailing SEO best practices for the Divi theme, the episode also included a span of resources, tools and platforms.

We wrote a detailed recap of this episode and shared it on the Divi Space blog. To learn how to set up the best SEO practices for your Divi website, read the full article here.

Divi Chat Episode 15 – Speeding Up Your Divi Website

One of the most important aspects of a website is the page load speed and overall performance. With dwindling attention spans of site viewers and the recommended total page load time averaging roughly three seconds, there’s very little room for error.

Episode 15 of Divi Chat saw the panel discuss various tactics that they’ve employed in numerous web builds to boost the performance of both their own and their client’s websites.

We shared a detailed recap of this episode on the Divi Space blog. To read about the various suggested tactics, complete with links to resources, read the How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website guide.

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