Start A Web Design Business with the Divi Business Expert Course

Start A Web Design Business with the Divi Business Expert Course
After months of teasing listeners in episodes of WP the Podcast, David Blackmon and Tim Strifler are thrilled to be able to announce the release of their online course, Divi Business Expert.

Longtime collaborators, business partners and friends, David and Tim have worked together in a professional capacity for many years. Two of the most well-known names in the international Divi community, David and Tim have collaborated on product projects together, co-hosted WP the Podcast, launched WP Gears and have shared the stage for many WordCamp talks. The Divi Business Expert course is the first-ever online course from this incredibly dynamic duo!

Sharing their collective skills, knowledge and expertise in running a number of highly successful WordPress and Divi businesses, David and Tim will teach you solid structures and systems that’ll help you not only build Divi websites but also run a successful web design business.

If you’re ready to start or scale a Divi business, it’s time to become a Divi Business Expert.

While there are plenty of courses available that’ll teach you how to build a WordPress or Divi website, the Divi Business Expert course will give you sound business advice that’ll help you set up, scale and manage a web design business.

In the course, you will learn how to build websites efficiently and effectively with David and Tim’s streamlined process. Here, you’ll be shown how to work the Divi framework to its maximum potential and how to make use of its powerful features to best serve your business goals.

Beyond learning how to build Divi websites, you’ll be given the necessary business acumen needed to run a business, and also, taught how to set up powerful systems that’ll help you manage your business.

From learning how to find, land and maintain business relationships with high paying clients, to discovering how to build a brand and market a product or service, the Divi Business Expert online course will also help you establish operations foundations, explore marketing opportunities, understanding business finances and taxes, scale and grow teams, and much, much more.

One of the most exciting features of the Divi Business Expert course is that it’ll teach you how to set up recurring revenue strategies. Giving you the freedom to earn money while you’re traveling the world, exploring creative outlets, relaxing on vacation or spending time with your family, you’ll learn how to establish automatic income streams through selling maintenance packages, hosting plans and more.

Divided into five modules of 24 lessons in total, the Divi Business Expert online course is jam-packed with extremely valuable content. Beyond the learning material, the Divi Business Expert online course also includes a number of bonuses for course attendees. These incredible, value-packed bonuses include:

  • Weekly group coaching calls with David and Tim for you to ask questions and receive answers from trusted sources,
  • Special guest appearances from prominent figures in the Divi to give you additional perspectives and information on web design processes and business management protocols,
  • Not one but two Divi child themes that’ll help you kick-start your web design projects,
  • Incredible 25% discounts from both Divi Space and Divi Life memberships,
  • A document pack which includes cheat sheets, contracts, process maps and a number of templates that’ll help you run your business with ease.

For an extensive breakdown of the course content, head over to the Divi Business Expert online course page.


This Course is For…

Perfect for Divi and WordPress users of all skill levels, the Divi Business Expert Online Course is great for:

  • Newbies. If you’re brand new to the WordPress industry or are just starting our, with no knowledge of code or design principles, the Divi Business Expert online course will give you the perfect introduction to the field. You’ll learn all of the fundamentals of Divi web design as well as tried, tested and perfected processed for building powerful Divi websites.
  • Side hustlers. If you’re working a full-time job and are building WordPress and Divi websites on the side, the course will teach you how to transition your side hustle into your full-time focus. In the course, you’ll gain a solid understanding of full-time business practices, and you’ll also learn systems that’ll prepare you for the world of entrepreneurship.
  • Business owners. If you’re already building websites for clients and are generating a full-time income, the Divi Business Expert online course will help you take your business to the next level. In the online course, you’ll learn how to streamline web projects, scale your operations, grow your team and set your business on a course to reach new heights.

Wherever you are in your web design career, the Divi Business Expert online course will equip you with all of the necessary skills to help you run your Divi business.

Enroll Now!

The Divi Business Expert online course opens on the 1st of August 2018. There is currently an early bird special running, so enroll for the Divi Business Expert online course and learn how to land your very first $5000.00 client!

For more information visit the Divi Business Expert online course page.

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