Announcing AI Image Lab Pro and more!

Announcing AI Image Lab Pro and more!

This week marks the end of the beta period for our artificial intelligence (AI) based image generation service, AI Image Lab, with the release of plugin version 1.0.0! Alongside the updated free version, we’re pleased to announce that we are introducing a Pro version of AI Image Lab with enhancements that will help bring your AI image creation to the next level. AI Image Lab Pro supports downloading images at resolutions up to 2048×2048 pixels (the free version is limited to 768×768), and it makes it easier to find a suitable image by generating 10 image previews per request instead of 6.

AI Image Lab Free still allows you to generate as many image previews as you like (subject to reasonable limits), but previews are watermarked and only 3 unwatermarked images can be downloaded to your site in a 24-hour period; the Pro version does not have this restriction. Pro image generation requests are prioritized over requests from the free version.

Pro subscribers also have access to HD mode in the image editor, which provides output images at resolutions up to 2048×2048 when editing images. This feature can also be used to AI upscale lower resolution images (less than 2048×2048), by loading the lower resolution image into the AI image editor from the media library, enabling HD mode, and generating output without selecting any areas for the AI to modify.

If you’re enjoying AI Image Lab free and would like to take advantage of higher image resolutions and other Pro-level features, consider subscribing to AI Image Lab Pro for a low monthly fee and no long-term commitment!

If you are new to AI Image Lab, check out the free WordPress plugin to get started, or send a message to the AI Image Lab Facebook page to try out the AI image generation functionality without needing a WordPress site or to install the plugin (send “hi” to get instructions, or “generate a frog on a lilypad on a pond” as an example image generation command).

Jonathan Hall

Jonathan is the lead backend WordPress developer at WP Zone.