5 Tools to Add the Power of AI to your WooCommerce Store

5 Tools to Add the Power of AI to your WooCommerce Store

If you’ve been a WooCommerce shop operator for any length of time, you know about the many different tasks that are involved in setting up and maintaining an online store beyond simply receiving and fulfilling orders. Things like creating and updating product listings, answering questions from existing and potential customers, and optimizing your store by analyzing its data are all time-consuming and often repetitive items on the to-do list, but they are important factors in driving conversion rates and promoting a good user experience. Fortunately, the explosion of new artificial intelligence (AI) powered products and services over the past year or two has brought with it new solutions to assist with these and other jobs. Let’s have a look at five AI-powered tools you can use to build and improve your WooCommerce store!

AI Power

The AI Power plugin uses OpenAI’s models and API to perform a wide array of functions on your WordPress website, such as text and image generation and replying to blog comments. Of particular interest to WooCommerce users would be the WooCommerce Product Writer, which can create titles, descriptions, tags, and more for your WooCommerce products based on a product title that you provide. It also includes a ChatGPT integration that you can use to create a fully automated chatbot to help answer questions from your customers as they browse your store!

Many of AI Power’s features are available in their free plugin, but there is also a premium version with some more functionality. However, in both cases you’ll need an OpenAI API key to use AI models such as GPT-4, which has a pay-as-you-go cost once you use up the free starter credit.


Bertha.ai is an AI-powered content generation platform with WooCommerce support, with both text and image creation functionality. You can use the service via a WordPress plugin or a Google Chrome extension. Bertha.ai doesn’t require an API key from a third-party service, and it offers monthly pricing in addition to its free plan (it also has a pay-as-you-go option for images).


Personalization is an AI-powered plugin for WordPress that uses artificial intelligence to generate automated product recommendations for your WooCommerce customers. It can offer product recommendations on various pages on your site as well as by email. The service also has some additional features such as cart recovery and reporting. Personalization has a free plan for sites with low monthly pageviews, and sites with more pageviews are charged a monthly fee after a free trial period.


Tidio is a full-fledged live chat and ticket support platform, but it also allows you to use AI to automatically respond to customer’s questions via chat. The Tidio plugin is integrated with WooCommerce to facilitate sharing of products via chat so that you can make recommendations for your customers, and it also has other features like allowing you to see which products are in a customer’s cart while chatting with them. Tidio’s chat functionality can also extend beyond your website with its integration with Facebook Messenger. Tidio is available in a free version as well as a variety of paid subscription tiers. AI chatbots are currently only available in the paid Tidio+ tier, but AI reply assistance is available in other tiers, including the free plan.

WooCommerce AI Assisted Product Listings

WooCommerce itself has entered the AI-generated content space with AI-based functionality that can generate text-based content for products. Currently it is only available to Woo Express customers, but it sounds like the plan is to make it available to other WooCommerce users in the future!

Bonus: Free AI Image Generation with AI Image Lab!

While not WooCommerce-specific, if you’re looking to use AI to generate photos and other graphics for your site, check out our free AI Image Lab plugin! It works well with a variety of content builders as well as the WordPress media library, and it also has an image editing feature that you can use to refine previously generated images or even non-AI photos that you’ve uploaded to your site!


The advent of readily accessible, user friendly artificial intelligence technologies has the potential to be of great benefit to e-commerce businesses. While saving you time in regular operational tasks, it also helps to enhance the customer experience with AI-powered store features like always-on live support and personalized product recommendations.

Jonathan Hall

Jonathan is the lead backend WordPress developer at WP Zone.