Top Business Websites Built with Divi

Top Business Websites Built with Divi
One of the most amazing things about being a web designer is being able to help other business owners reach their potential and exceed their goals by providing them with probably the single most important asset in the modern day marketing mix: their website. To inspire you for your next Divi web project, we’ve put together a list of awesome business websites made with Divi. While there are hundreds and thousands of Divi websites, we tried to compile a list of designs that were unique, a bit unusual and less obviously Divi out-of-the-box. In no particular order, some of our favorite business websites made with Divi include:

Collaborate Consulting

Designed by Endure Web Studios, the business website of Collaborate Consulting is clean, crisp and beautifully crafted. A lovely color scheme, custom designed icons, a comprehensive about page and an uncluttered aesthetic make this website incredibly attractive to potential clients.


Developed by design agency, nexTab, the website for cleantech consulting agency, Apricum, is incredibly visually striking and easy to navigate. With a unique header and concise navigation, the website structures and displays a large amount of content in an attractive and effective way.

Simplee Online

Simplee Online is the personal branding site of Becca Lee Berggren, a marketing strategist that focuses on helping entrepreneurs achieve their business goals by implementing mindful and conscious practices. Along with a lovely color scheme, attractive and welcoming images of Berggren, plenty of engaging quotes and convincing testimonials, Simplee Online is a great source of inspiration for those looking to build a website for a single person brand, coach, VA or similar.

Samui Garden Villa

Designed by Zenage Designs, the Samui Garden Villa website does an awesome job of showcasing a beautiful vacation space in Koh Samui, Thailand. The bulk of the website is crafted using a one-page build, with a blog feature offering more information about the surrounding area and external links sending customers to off-site booking and payment platforms.

Reason Group

Another beautiful business website from Endure Web Studios belongs to Reason Group. Video media, angled sections, transparent overlays, an incredibly well-structured project display section and again, another lovely color scheme, make this small business site highly-functional and extremely eye-catching.

Cuaderno Web

Offering web design and graphic design services (of logos, illustrations etc.), the one-page website of Cuaderno Web is brought to life thanks to quirky fonts, awesome hand-drawn illustrations and plenty of white space.

Timeline Missions

Timeline Missions is a production company that specializes in creating feature films, documentaries, TV, print and digital advertising for action sports clients. A production business operating in such a fast-paced, action-packed industry needs a website that gets the blood pumping, and this Divi website does just that. Captivating video sections and dramatic imagery take center stage in this build, complement by a cool-hued color palette and unobtrusive fonts.
Selling awesome business, finance and tax courses designed to help individuals take charge of their financial future, the New School of Finance website, designed by Marie Poulin, makes use of bold colors, striking imagery and plenty of valuable content to catch the attention of potential students.

Dolly Loves Dallas

Designed by Mad Cat Marketing, the website and online shop of illustrated paper doll designer Dolly Loves Dallas is edgy, enticing and comes to life with awesome product shots.

New Design St.Peter

Designed by digital marketing agency, Acme the website of the Rome-based hotel, New Design St. Peter, is simple, to the point and uncluttered. The website makes use of a predominant one-page build, with room types detailed in separate pages.

The Herencia

With each page uniquely crafted, the website of Singapore’s property units, The Herencia really stands out. Designed by design agency, Doers, the website features plenty of attractive elements, including striking images, subtle animations, beautifully paired fonts, and overlapping sections, all balanced with plenty of white space.

Green Peas for Breakfast

While not one single website, the last entries in this list comes from Sydney based web design agency, Green Peas for Breakfast. Each of the client websites built by Green Peas for Breakfast makes use of unique navigation menus, interesting animations and absolutely awesome illustrations that give plenty of depth to the brands themselves. Check out some of the awesome client websites made by Green Peas for Breakfast by clicking on the links below:

Divi Business Pro Child Theme for Divi

If you’re looking to build a Divi website for a business, have a look at our child theme, Divi Business Pro.
Perfect for either online businesses operating fully virtually, or offline businesses that simply need a display site to showcase their physical products or services, Divi Business Pro comes complete with a number of conversion-driven elements designed to help businesses land and retain clients. These features include:

  • two homepage options,
  • a homepage portfolio carousel,
  • an already set up testimonial section,
  • a custom designed blog with already-integrated archive pages, and many more.

Are you interested in using Divi Business Pro in your next web design project?

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We want to hear from you! We hope you enjoyed this list of Divi websites and that you’ve been inspired for your next web project! If you have any questions or queries, post them below in the comments section. We love receiving your feedback! Thanks for reading!

Lisa-Robyn Keown

Lisa-Robyn is a qualified copywriter and brand strategist from Cape Town, South Africa.