The Top 5 Best Plugins for Divi

The Top 5 Best Plugins for Divi
Divi by Elegant Themes is one of the best WordPress themes available on the market. Thanks to the modular builder; with its easy insert and highly customizable nature; Divi makes creating and maintaining a website easier than ever. However, sometimes Divi falls short as it has a few limitations.

Have you ever looked at a showcase site on Divi Theme Examples and thought to yourself, “How do I remove the Elegant Themes footer in Divi?”, or “How can I change the appearance of the Divi sidebar?”, or “How can I create stylish animations on my site?” Well, we’ve compiled a list of the top five best plugins for Divi that will answer all of your questions – as well as others that you might not yet have arrived at.

In life, research is always a key factor in problem solving, but in this instance, save yourself the time, frustration and the effort of navigating through the millions of open tabs in your browser window. If you’re developing websites with Divi, and are pushing out high volumes of builds for your clients, these are the top five best Divi plugins for you.


Creating seemingly simple site changes on Divi might require hours of research. Also, implementing such changes could pose serious threats to your site (especially if you are not familiar with both CSS selectors or the makeup of a WordPress theme’s core files). Whether you are a new user or a seasoned Divi developer (that could save a few hours with a few Divi-hacks), these must-have Divi plugins will help you streamline your workflow and supercharge your development process.

Thanks to a group of independent developers and development agencies; who have condensed years of knowledge of advanced CSS styling and JavaScript functions into easy-to-use tools; a collection of powerful plugins are available for use – specifically for websites running Divi. Not only will these plugins be able to spruce up both the appearance and functionality of your Divi website, but they’ll also allow you to shave off hours from your development process and add additional value for your clients.


Even though creating a Divi website requires no knowledge of code, there are often instances where a few handy tricks could really help set your website apart. Our list of the top five best Divi plugins will let you bypass a bunch of laborious tasks by automating extremely complicated processes for you.

Why have we recommended these as our top five Divi plugins?

  • They have been developed specifically for Divi. Having recognized the few limitations that Divi does have, the respective developers have constructed these plugins to troubleshoot the exact setbacks that you might experience when using Divi.
  • The plugins have been developed by extremely credible teams and individuals. As some of the most experienced Divi developers in the business, rest assured that these are top quality products with over thousands of respective purchases.
  • Each of the plugins come with exceptional post-purchase support. If at any point, you find yourself struggling with something, just send the respective developer/s a mail and they’re guaranteed to assist you.
  • They’re really easy to use. As well as the fact that each plugin comes with accompanying ‘how-to’ guidelines and documentation, the interfaces of these plugins are easy to navigate and you’ll familiarize yourself with the features in no time.
  • The plugins are incredibly well priced. Averaging roughly +- $ 20.00, these purchases are, without a doubt, great value for money, especially as you’re able to use each of them on multiple site builds.

Scroll down to read a detailed description and preview each of the five best Divi plugins for your website. Be sure to read all the way to the end of this post for a special bonus.


  • Each of these plugins requires the Divi theme to be active. To purchase Divi, head over to Elegant Themes to purchase.
  • Not all of the suggested plugins are compatible with Extra. If you’re running Extra, make sure you check out which plugins are suitable.
  • All $ values are in USD.

Created by Dan Mossop, Divi Booster was the Alpha, the original, first-ever plugin made specifically for Divi. With over fifty customization options, most of which are simply enabled or disabled in the check box interface, Divi Booster allows you to create both site-wide and module-specific changes to your website, and also, sorts out some common Divi bug fixes.

Without touching a line of code, you’ll be able to make rapid changes to your website that previously could only be achieved by painstakingly assigning properties to various CSS selectors or editing the .php files in the theme’s Editor console. As the Divi Booster’s check boxes act as ‘master switches’, simply disabling the toggles will reset your Divi site to its default state.

Some of the incredible features of the Divi Booster – and yes, there are loads – include:

  • Setting custom information in the footer
  • Styling the width, dividing line and background color of your sidebar
  • Setting countless customization options for your header section
  • Customizing each of the default Divi modules to occur site-wide (letting you hide the bullet points from pricing tables, or change the grid layout default image sizes)

Following installation and activation, the Divi Booster plugin will appear in the Appearance tab of your WordPress console. Purchase the Divi Booster plugin for only $19.00.

Note: While Divi Booster is developed to work in sync with the Divi theme, some of the functionality does cross over for Extra. If you’re running Extra and are thinking of purchasing the Divi Booster, head over to Dan Mossop’s site for more information on the Divi Booster Extra compatibility.

View the images below for a quick preview of the Divi Booster’s settings and check out the full list of Divi Booster’s features (with detailed explanations of each) for more information.
Images via Divi Theme Examples
The second plugin developed specifically for Divi, Divi Switch (an evolution of the original Divi Module Editor) is an incredibly powerful plugin that allows you to make impactful changes to your Divi website at the flick of a switch. Developed by SJ James of Divi Space, Divi Switch has a simple toggle (enable/disable) interface that offers you over fifty toggles (or ‘switches’) that allow for hundreds of customizations to be made to your Divi site with ease – saving you hours of time and letting you avoid fumbling through lines of code.

After install and activation, the Divi Switch plugin will appear directly within your WordPress Dashboard. Here, you’ll be presented with a long list of switches that can either be toggled on or off. Each of the toggles includes a title, a brief explanation and a link to supporting documentation. Some switches need a further step for activation and require a bit of work with a related CSS class. For such switches, detailed information is offered in the description.

As well as plenty other features, Divi Switch easily allows you to set animations, include more slider transitions, add Instagram-style filters to your images, and much, much more.

Purchasing Divi Switch gives you the ability to use it on unlimited sites, so it really is a great, extremely cost-effective plugin to invest in. At present, SJ James of Divi Space is currently developing a similar toggle-based plugin for the Extra theme. Purchase Divi Switch for only $22.00 directly from Divi Space.

Getting rid of the standard Elegant Themes footer proves to be quite a challenge, and without an easy edit feature built straight into the Divi theme or the Divi Builder Plugin, editing the text to display your credentials and website link is a bit of a nightmare if you’re not 100% code savvy.

For those who are, editing the .php files in the Theme Editor is no problem, but for others; who are a bit hesitant to dive into lines and lines of scrolling code or who are not completely familiar with the importance of using a child theme; the Aspen Footer Editor by WP Zone is a great tool that will quickly sort out your problem.

As the third ever plugin developed for Divi, the Aspen Footer Editor originally released as the Divi Footer Editor. Over time, as the popularity of the Extra theme grew, more and more users required the same footer editing functionality. With this, Aspen Grove Studios redeveloped and rebranded the plugin as the Aspen Footer Editor to offer the same features to a wider range of Elegant Theme users. To date, the Aspen Footer Editor has had nearly two thousand downloads.

With a WYSIWYG interface; that mimics the default WordPress post or page editor; the Aspen Footer Editor allows you to easily add custom text of your credentials to your footer. As well inserting text and styling it with a font of choice, you’re also able to add images – such as your logo – or videos directly into the footer area, and hyperlink all elements back to your site.

As well as allowing you to insert your copyright legislature and include the Copyright symbol (found in Special characters under the Omega icon), the Aspen Footer Editor also includes a nifty shortcode function that allows you to insert a date into your footer – which will automatically update each year as time progresses.

If you’d like to test drive the Aspen Footer Editor in action, check out the live demo (use ‘demo’ as the password).

Once installed and activated, the plugin can be found in the Divi tab below Divi Theme Options. At only $13.00, the Aspen Footer Editor is a really handy plugin that’ll save you from sleepless nights (these are guaranteed if you mess up the theme’s .php files or if a theme update occurs and you’re not running a child theme).

A once-off purchase that can be used on unlimited sites, the Aspen Footer Editor plugin is compatible with both the Divi and Extra themes, and can be purchased via Aspen Grove Studios for $ 13.00.

The Divi Ghoster plugin by WP Zone allows you to take full control over the back-end of your WordPress website and replace all of the site-wide evidence of Divi with custom text and branding. You’re able to add either your own branding for your personal web design website or include your clients’ branding to create an even greater impact for their business website and the management thereof.

Through the Divi Ghoster, you’re able to remove all instances of Divi’s appearance on the dashboard, page builder, and page settings, and insert custom text and icons relating to either your business or your clients’. With no coding knowledge required, the Divi Ghoster lets you quickly edit the slug text within the side-wide URLs from displaying as ‘Divi’ to custom text of your own. These features are all particularly useful if you don’t want your clients to know that you’re using Divi.

Taking things a step further, the Divi Ghoster plugin comes with an extra special feature called the Ultimate Ghoster. By activating the Ultimate Ghoster, you’re able to completely hide all evidence of your use of Divi in development. This will remove the theme selector under the Appearance Tab, the Divi Role Editor and the Divi Ghoster plugin itself from your WordPress dashboard. Before turning on the Ultimate Ghoster, make sure you copy and save the designated links. Returning to these at a later stage will allow you to deactivate the Ultimate Ghoster and restore the removed features to continue building as per normal.

Finally, the Divi Ghoster includes a login customizer that allows you to style the default WordPress Login screen. Here, you’re able to include either your own or your clients’ branding styles by adding background images or colors, styling the login form and replacing the WordPress logo with a custom one.

A once-off purchase that can be used on unlimited sites, the Divi Ghoster plugin is compatible with both the Divi and Extra themes, and can be purchased via Aspen Grove Studios for $ 15.00.

The Divi Dashboard Welcome plugin, developed by Tim Strifler, is a nifty tool to add to your development toolkit. Divi Dashboard Welcome comes complete with five pre-styled Dashboard layouts that you could simply insert and edit, or you could easily create your own.

With Divi Dashboard Welcome, you’re able to customize the rather unattractive default appearance of the WordPress dashboard and use the Divi Builder to personalize the interface. Here, you’re able to insert any of the modules available through the Divi Builder; including contact forms, icons and text blurbs and images; and custom style them to suit either your or your client’s brand guidelines and design style.

This could be a great soft-sell for you and your web design services; making sure that your clients are constantly reminded about your service offerings and are given easy queues as to how to contact you and refer your services further. Or, by engineering the Dashboard to fit your client’s needs, you could assist them in streamlining the management of their content operations by giving them quick links to important posting or editing features, or, leave them important notes or useful links and videos, if need be.

Compatible with both the Divi and Extra themes, purchase the Divi Dashboard Welcome plugin for $ 22.00 from either Monterey Premier or Divi Space.

Although there are plenty of plugins available for WordPress, we feel that the plugins listed above are without a doubt the absolute best plugins for Divi. By adding these powerful tools into your web development arsenal, you’re bound to design and develop your websites faster and smarter.

We hope that this list has helped answer a few queries or concerns that you might have had.

If you enjoyed this post, please feel free share your comments or questions below. We’d love to hear about your experiences in using any (or all) of the above-mentioned best Divi plugins on our list.

Thanks for reading!


Using a child theme is a great way to create a website at a rapid speed. Allowing you to simply enter your relevant content and imagery without having to develop from ground-up, a child theme comes complete with all of the bells and whistles; seeing the UX planning, design, layout and functionality already crafted for you.

If you need to build an online store, we highly recommend checking out the Royal Commerce WooCommerce Divi Child Theme. Developed by Tim Strifler, Royal Commerce is, in our opinion, the single best e-commerce Divi child theme available right now.

As well as a beautiful minimal design that’ll really showcase your products, Royal Commerce includes a collection of key e-commerce elements. Among an array of other features, Royal Commerce includes an easy quick view for products, a wishlist that allows your users to save desired items for purchase at a later stage, and Ajax-powered filtering options that allow your users browse through your products with ease. Not only will Royal Commerce present an incredible online shopping experience for your consumers, it will set your online store on par with other leading e-commerce sites.

Purchase the Royal Commerce WooCommerce Divi Child Theme from Monterey Premier or Divi Space.

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