The 10 Best Examples of Fitness Sites Made With Divi

The 10 Best Examples of Fitness Sites Made With Divi

The health and fitness industry is booming.

There has never been a more exciting time to start and market a fit brand, and if you’re lucky enough to be able to either start your own fitness company or create the web asset for a fitness client, you’re in for an exciting web project either way.

From large fitness corporations to small independent gyms and even niche specialist trainers, health and fitness websites need to communicate an aspect of fun, liveliness, positivity, and drive, over and above the service offering that the consumer is encouraged to buy.

These qualities of pace and appeal are expressed through the website’s design – from font selection to color choice and more – and are then further communicated with action-orientated imagery and thought-provoking web copy.

If you use the Divi theme and are about to begin a web build for a fit brand or health and exercise client, have a look at our list of the Top 10 Best Fitness Websites Made with Divi for inspiration.

The 10 Best Examples of Fitness Sites Made With Divi


divi fitness website

1. Jesse Wynyard Fitness

Using great photography and first person copy, the website of personal trainer Jesse Wynyard exudes motivation and encouragement to entice prospective training clients. As well as selling weight loss, training and membership packages online, the website links up to an off-site download link for an app that clients can use to track their progress and gain dedicated support. Website by: Fuel Media


divi fitness website

2. Miss Fitizen

Miss Fitizen is the website of personal trainer, Mindy Kim. As well as offering clients in-person or online training, Miss Fitizen also offers a Build Your Best Series for even more focused training programs. Using enticing images, balanced white space, and pink color accents, the Miss Fitizen website communicating both strength and power through exercise, while also boasting a feminine feel. Website by: Panda Design Lab.


divi fitness website


3. Strength HQ

New Zealand based strength and conditioning facility, Strength HQ, has a great website that showcases both their gym memberships and other specialized training programs really well. Attractive hero image sections, attention-grabbing CTAs and the use of red as an accent color make this website stand out. Website by: Fuel Media


divi fitness website


4. Cyklus Vancouver

The Cyklus training center is a spinning-focused training gym situated in Vancouver. The CyKlus website offers its users the ability to book their classes online, and also includes a “leaderboard” to encourage a bit of healthy competition between riders.


divi fitness website


5. Bostin Loyd

Big Daddy B is the website for the professional body builder, Bostin Loyd. As well as offering Loyd’s services – including Personalized training and support plans – Bid Daddy B also includes a special membership zone for clients looking for exclusive content and better channels of communication with Loyd himself. Website by: Atomic Muscle Designs

divi fitness website


6. Fluid Movement

Fluid Movement is a specialized fitness training center based in Sydney that offers Muay Thai, boxing and functional exercise training classes. For particularly inclined clients, Fluid Movement offers training and mentorship packages for those wanting to partake in Muay Thai events in Thailand itself. Fluid Movement uses their main website to advertise their services and relies on an off-site booking page to secure client bookings.


divi fitness sites


7. Perfect Fit Training Solutions

Perfect Fit Training Solutions is another fitness center that offers training classes on either a group or individual level. The business website of trainer Bec Swanton, Perfect Fit Training Solutions makes use of ample white space, blue hues, and vibrant orange color accents to make content stand out. Website by: Infinite Imagination


divi fitness website

8. Workhouse Gym

Simple and to the point, the Workhouse Gym website uses a one-page website to communicate their offering and display contact details. Using a bold hero section, vibrant color palette and great imagery, the Workhouse Gym website includes client testimonials to encourage sign ups as well as an off-site booking system to display classes and offer sign ups. Website by: Geek Point


divi fitness website



Based in Georgia, MVMNT is a specialized training gym, that offers fitness, kettlebell, powerlifting classes and more. Making use of mega menus to segment and structure multiple forms of content, the MVMNT website includes an off-site class sign up section. Website by: Jason Cyr Design


divi fitness website

10. Mijn Personal Trainer

Mijn Personal Trainer is a cleverly-constructed website of personal trainer and lifestyle coach, Ayhan Tac. A one-page website, Mijn Personal Trainer makes use of testimonials, pricing tables and bold image sections with parallax display to communicate Tac’s service offerings. Website by Web Solutions.

Use the Wodster Divi child theme to build your fit brand’s online presence


Do you need to create a website for a fitness brand? Look no further than out Divi child theme: Wodster.

The Wodster child theme has been designed and developed specially for fitness brands to market and sell their exercise services and products. Although Wodster has been conceptualized for brands operating in the CrossFit market, the theme can easily be adapted to fit independent gyms, training facilities, and online physical coaches.

divi child theme wodster


Designed to accommodate attractive imagery and enticing copy, Wodster is attention grabbing from the start. Boasting plenty of CTAs, newsletter sign up forms and an inspiring testimonial section on the home page, Wodster will help your brand gain followers and maximize conversions from the word ‘Go!’.


divi child theme wodster


As well as a number of other features – including a locations section to detail various gym branches, a members login for those who are ready to sell exclusive content and a blog feature to help brands begin a great content marketing strategy, the Wodster Divi child theme also includes a custom post type – WOD – for brands to release a Workout of the Day.


divi child theme wodster


Save yourself the time and effort, use the Wodster Divi child theme to build your fit brand’s website, and use the free time for a workout.


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