Style Your Divi Website’s Forms with the New Caldera Forms Style Customizer Add-On

Style Your Divi Website’s Forms with the New Caldera Forms Style Customizer Add-On

Great news for Divi and Extra users… our all-time favorite WordPress form builder plugin, Caldera Forms, has just received an extra special add-on upgrade!

Gone are the days of painstakingly styling your Divi or Extra website’s forms with CSS! Instead, let the Caldera Forms Style Customizer take care of the aesthetics of your forms, and enjoy focusing on other aspects of your web development.


Created by Pierre Bichet, the Caldera Forms Style Customizer is a third-party add-on that’s been created to help the Divi and Extra users style their Caldera Forms web forms with ease.

Perfect for non-coders, Caldera Forms Style Customizer is easy-to-use and offers loads of amazing styling options.

Even if you’re a die-hard CSS fan and are used to styling your Caldera Forms, the extensive styling options available in Caldera Forms Style Customizer both a pleasure to use and a massive time saver!

Watch the video below for a plugin demo!

To use Caldera Forms Style Customizer, you’ll need to have either the Divi or Extra theme from Elegant Themes, and the Caldera Forms plugin already installed and activated.

If you’re not already a Caldera Forms user, we highly recommend test driving the plugin. In our opinion, it’s the best form builder plugin for WordPress… and it’s totally free!

Once complete, you can install and activate the Caldera Forms Style Customizer add-on.


When activated, Caldera Forms Style Customizer will appear as a new menu item in the Caldera Forms plugin menu.


Clicking on the ‘Styles – Import/Export’ menu option will take you to the plugin’s easy import and export page.

Much like the Divi Library, you’re able to move JSON files between web builds by exporting form style settings and importing them into other sites.

The real magic of the plugin takes place in the Customizer Settings, but before you head over there, you need to create and embed a form into your Divi website.

How to Add Caldera Forms to your Divi website

Step 1: From the Caldera Forms menu, navigate to Forms and click New Form. Either select from the pre-made templates or start from scratch. Once your form has been set up to your liking, click Save Form.


Step 2: Select the page that your form should display on, add the desired Sections and Rows, and select the Text Module from the Divi Builder module options. Click on the Caldera Forms button above the text editor and select your form, then click Save and Exit.


Styling your Divi or Extra Forms Using the Caldera Forms Style Customizer Add-on

Once you’ve created and inserted a form, you’re ready to style it!

Navigate to Appearance > Customize and search for the Caldera Forms Style Customizer tab.


With a few simple clicks, you can style your website’s forms in just a few seconds.


This example is just the tip of the iceberg. With the Caldera Forms Style Customizer add-on, you can quickly and easily style radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown select menus, section breaks, file upload areas, toggle switches and much, much more.

You’re also able to style the active, hover and focus states of almost every form element.

Without ever touching a line of code, the Caldera Forms Style Customizer add-on allows you to create a unique, on-brand aesthetic for either your Divi or Extra website’s forms.

If you’re looking to create beautiful, one of a kind forms for your Divi or Extra website at rapid speed, start using Caldera Forms with the Caldera Forms Style Customizer add-on!

While Caldera Forms is free for download via the WordPress repository, the Caldera Forms Style Customizer add-on must be purchased separately.

Available for USD 49.99 for one site, USD 99.99 for five sites and USD 129.99 for 15 sites, head on over to the Caldera Forms website to buy the Caldera Forms Style Customizer add-on.

Lisa-Robyn Keown

Lisa-Robyn is a qualified copywriter and brand strategist from Cape Town, South Africa.