Introducing Divi All Purpose: a Versatile, Free Business Child Theme for Divi

Introducing Divi All Purpose: a Versatile, Free Business Child Theme for Divi

As its name suggests, Divi All Purpose is a multi-purpose child theme for Divi that’s a great choice for any type of website. It includes six pages with a strong focus on business, making it easy to build any number of websites from any business genre from a single theme. Simply change the fonts and colors to match the needs of your audience.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at Divi All Purpose and see a few ideas of what can be done with it.

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Divi All Purpose’s features include section styling, overlapping backgrounds with rounded angles, styled image modules that are rounded on one side, styled buttons, counters, testimonials, tabs, pricing tables, headers, footer, and lots more. CSS styling is included.

Six pages include four different homepage designs, About, Testimonials, Services, Blog (with archive and three single post designs), and Contact.

Note – Content and images are not included. Also, Divi All Purpose does not include the Login Customizer and 404 Error Page that many other Divi.Space products include.

Home Pages

The Divi All Purpose child theme for Divi includes four different home pages, each with elements styled to match. The homepages follow the same layout design, and include the title with tagline and buttons, overlapping blurbs.

An about section displays your information in two columns with an image on one side that’s rounded on one side, with text and line counters in the second column.

A testimonials section displays three testimonials as cards. Tabs highlight your services.

It also includes pricing tables and a call to action.


The standard home page has a dark blue background with hexagon patterns and blue highlights within the design elements. This version uses Droid fonts.


Coffee demonstrates images of coffee beans and coffee cups, coffee-related icons, and a few shades of brown, tan, and cream color for highlights. This one uses Playball fonts.


Travel shows a blue and green color palette and includes flat-design artwork for the blurbs and Knewave fonts.

Yoga Lessons

Yoga Lessons has a dark patterned background with red, purple, and black highlights throughout. It uses Yeseva One fonts and yoga-related graphics.


The About page provides a nice area to embed video that overlaps the header. Tell your story in a two-column section with a styled image. Share your mission within numbered text modules which place the text over a styled image of the number. Share your vision with toggles. Styled person modules introduce potential clients to your team. It also includes the call to action.


The Testimonials page shows your testimonials as styled cards with the first row overlapping the header. Images are centered at the top of the card and the shadow effect helps them stand apart from the background. This page also includes the full-width call to action.


The Services page follows the same design as the home page with elements designed specifically to show your services and skills while answering any questions that potential clients may have.

Display your services within blurbs, your skills and FAQ within toggles, and testimonials within a slider. Show information within a section of counters, show information about your team, and display your client’s logos for further social proof. It also includes the call to action.


Divi All Purpose includes a blog archive page as well as several single post pages. Each follows the styling of the home page. Here’s a closer look…

Blog Archive

The Blog Archive page shows posts in two columns with a right sidebar. The posts overlap the header. The post cards display the title, meta, image, and excerpt. The cards have shadow effects and zoom on hover.

The sidebar includes styled headings for the widgets, and use lines to separate the entries and circles for bullets which fill in on hover. The widgets have shadow effects to stand apart from the background.

Post Format

It includes three post formats: left sidebar, right sidebar, and fullwidth post. The sidebars use the same styling as the Blog Archive page. The Post Format page displays the title, meta, image, and content- all with a shadow effect to stand apart from the background. The featured image overlaps the header. Custom CSS to style to comments is included.


The Contact page provides overlapping blurbs to show our physical address, phone number, and email address. A two-column section provides a contact form and map. The Contact page also includes the call to action.

Divi All Purpose Use Cases

Although Divi All Purpose does include three specialized home pages for coffee, travel, and yoga lessons, there are lots of business genres this child theme can be used for. It’s especially good for any type of service business or freelancer that needs to highlight their services and skills.

Here are just a few:

Copywriter – show your copywriting services, highlight examples, display your strengths, and show the logos of a few of your clients. It would work the same for any type of freelance work such as graphic design.

Handyman – show the services you provide to your local community. Use the logos to show any local companies you’ve provided services for. It would also work for any skilled trades such as auto repair.

Doctor’s Office – show the types of medical services you provide. You could even use before and after photos and testimonials if appropriate. It would work just as well for any professional trades such as dentists, attorney, and veterinary offices.

Ending Thoughts

Divi All Purpose is a well-designed child theme. With six pages, extra home pages, styled modules, and the included custom CSS, it’s easy to see how versatile this child theme is. Add your own images, change the fonts, and you’re in business. Launch your business website and blog today with Divi All Purpose.

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