Introducing Course Scheduler – The Ultimate Student Onboarding & Management Tool For LifterLMS

Introducing Course Scheduler – The Ultimate Student Onboarding & Management Tool For LifterLMS

Nowhere is the benefit of a democratized web more obvious than in courseware. Through WordPress and learning management systems like LifterLMS, educators and coaches can teach almost anything, to anyone, anywhere in the world! Teaching has traditionally taken place in dusty classrooms or packed out lecture halls. Thanks to online learning platforms and course creation software, it is now happening in homes and offices all over the globe with nothing more than an internet connection needed to get started.

We’ve seen first hand how successful online courses can be for content creators and students alike: Our Transforming Divi With CSS & jQuery course has seen hundreds of novice coders become empowered frontend developers. We have skin in this game, which is why we’ve turned our attention to how we can improve the experience for other course creators.

Course Scheduler – Multiple Enrollment Dates Made Easy

We’re extremely proud to introduce you to Course Scheduler, an extension for the popular WordPress course creation software, LifterLMS. Course Scheduler makes it easy to run a single course multiple times, for multiple intakes of students. The days of cloning courses in order to deliver them to different groups of people are over, Course Scheduler adds a useful set of tools to LifterLMS, all designed with both the student and teacher in mind.

School Starts When You Say It Starts.

If you’re a solopreneur or part of a small team, then you probably wear several hats, and optimising your time is important. Course Scheduler lets you set dynamic start and end dates for your course material. Now you can market your course all month long, safe in the knowledge that anyone purchasing it won’t get access to the content until your next chosen start date. Set start dates every week, month or by specific dates in the calendar. Course Scheduler gives you ultimate control over your content’s visibility.

Start Together. Help Each Other.

Students who start a course at the same time are more likely to support and help each other through the material. If peer interaction and participation plays a part in your course, then Course Scheduler is a must have extension. This has always been an advantage of traditional education, with Course Scheduler, it can benefit your students too. We speak from personal experience; we use Course Scheduler on our own educational offerings, because we know how important peer support is.

Manage Groups and Save Time.

Managing hundreds of students with different start and end dates can quickly turn into a organisational nightmare. By managing groups, you can move your students through the material together and offer much more efficient support. You’ll also be able to better prepare other elements of your offering, including support calls, webinars and live events.

Take A Break Without Losing Students

Holiday coming up? Taking a break from your course is easy with Course Scheduler; simply push your next start date forward to when you’re back. There is no need to take your course offline or remove it from sale, meaning you won’t lose potential customers or earnings while you’re getting some well earned rest and relaxation.
Course Scheduler is already helping us run our own courses better. We can’t wait to see what it can do for you and your students!

Course Scheduler Is Our First Plugin For LifterLMS. It Won’t Be Our Last.

Some of our first ever plugins and extensions for Divi and WordPress were born from a personal need for the functionality that we decided to offer up to other creators. Course Scheduler marks a return to that mindset. We needed a better way to handle multiple intakes of students on a single course, so we built it. We know that many of you could benefit from that functionality too, so here it is. Ready to go in an easy to use, simple to install extension!
Since creating our own courses over the last few years, we’ve built a few other extensions that have vastly improved our student’s learning experiences as well as our own ability to sell and manage those courses. We can’t wait to bring you more extensions to improve your ability to teach well.