How to Grow an Email List, SEO Plugins and Resources to Build Better Websites – WP The Podcast Recap

How to Grow an Email List, SEO Plugins and Resources to Build Better Websites – WP The Podcast Recap

Hosted by David Blackmon of Aspen Grove Studios and Divi Space, and Tim Strifler of Divi Life and Tim Strifler Online Solutions, WP The Podcast is a highly-informative, content-rich 10-minute-long podcast that releases episodes daily.

Created to help the WordPress professional success in reaching their business goals, WP The Podcast covers engaging and captivating topics revolving around WordPress, web development, marketing and business.

In the following post, we recap the past five episodes from the previous week.

Episode 195: 7 Tips to Help You Grow Your Email List

WP the Podcast Episode 195

Episode 195 discusses one of the most crucial players in the digital marketing mix: email marketing. In this episode, David and Tim share valuable tips and insights into how you can grow your email list, from offering advice regarding creating effective lead magnets, using clear and engaging calls to actions across your website, cross promoting with other leaders in your industry or market, hosting webinars and much much more.


Episode 196: 5 Resources to Help You Build Better WordPress Websites

WP the Podcast Episode 196

Episode 196 shares a number of great resources for web designers. Not exclusively for WordPress web designers, but all web designers, the episode shares tools that’ll assist with the testing of website speed, cross-browser testing the aesthetics of your site, checking its responsiveness for screen sizes and much more.


Episode 197: Top 3 SEO Plugins for WordPress

WP the Podcast Episode 197

Episode 197 discusses the importance of SEO in websites and how you can begin implementing sound SEO strategies using one of the top three SEO plugins for WordPress.


Episode 198: 5 Free Tools to Spice Up Your Website Design

WP the Podcast Episode 198

Episode 198 shares a number of awesome resources and tools to help spruce up a web design aesthetically. In the episode, Tim and David share five great resources including Creative Market where you can find incredible design assets as well as Aminista, a free CSS animation generator that’ll help add rear effects to your website.


Episode 199: How to Get Web Design Business When Things are Slow

WP the Podcast Episode 199

Episode 199 discusses how you can still keep on generating work during a slow period. From promoting your services on social media to offering discounts or pro bono work, David and Tim share a number of useful tips and strategies that you can implement in your business to keep the wheels turning during a lull.


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