How to Create a Great Brewery Website Design With Divi 

How to Create a Great Brewery Website Design With Divi 

Craft breweries and microbreweries have swept the world by storm. Everyone from existing beer brands to amateur beer enthusiasts are trying their hand at creating craft beers, ales, lagers and much, much more. If you’re a beer-prenuer, we’ve got just the thing for you: a beautifully-designed brewery-inspired Divi child theme created specifically for you to build a brewery website.

eCommerce-equipped, ready to help you get your beers into the hands of adoring fans, the Divi Brewery Child Theme comes complete with an already set up WooCommerce integration. There’s also an integration with the Events Calendar plugin for you to share in-person and online events to grow your community.

If you’re looking to build the best craft beer website, you can’t go wrong with this sleek and stylish Divi child theme. Ready to build an eCommerce-powered brewery or microbrewery website? Get ready for a deep dive into the Divi Brewery Child Theme from Divi Space.

3 Tips for Your Brewery Website Design

Here are a few top craft beer website essentials when you’re considering marketing your craft beer brand.

  1. When building a craft beer website, make sure that your site is easy to use. Often, brands will complicate the navigation of their site, making it difficult for customers to locate and pay for products. Keep your site as easy to use as possible and you’ll automatically present a great user experience.
  2. Another key component of a great website is to pay attention to the speed and performance of the site itself. A slow-loading website can cost you by compromising your sales. If your website doesn’t load in 2-4 seconds, customers will exit from your site and search for a competitor’s page. Make sure your craft beer website is blazing fast by implementing these site speed and performance tips.
  3. Finally, before building your website, make sure you select appropriate hosting. If you’re building a WordPress website using the Divi theme, you’ll want to select a hosting company that caters to the specifics of the theme. Our top recommendation is Divi Space Hosting as its servers are configured specifically for the Divi theme, matching Elegant Themes’ system requirement suggestions.

Building a website is only a portion of your branded beer marketing strategy. You’ll also need to take social media, email marketing and customer support channels into account. Thankfully, with visible social icons, an email opt-in form, and countless contact methods shared across the site, the Divi Brewery Child Theme takes care of all of these details so that your craft beer marketing strategy will be on top form.

Why You Should Use the Divi Brewery Child Theme to Build Your Craft Beer Website

Speed up your development time, with the Divi Brewery Child Theme, your beer brand website will be up and running in no time. Install the theme after the Divi parent theme, run the demo installer and replace the demo content with your imagery and text. You’ll have a brand new eCommerce-ready site ready to go in minutes.

Grab Attention with a Stylish Home Page

Your home page is the first impression for a site visitor. If your home page is cluttered, difficult to navigate or just generally unattractive, you could turn away potential customers.

The Divi Brewery Child Theme takes all of this stress off the table by giving you a clean, slick and edgy home page design. Giving the ultimate great first impression, the home page kicks off with a stylish hero section header. Here, you can choose to add a fullscreen image of either your products, the inside of your bar or customers enjoying your beers.

Divi Space Divi Brewery Child Theme Home Page

Add custom imagery and text and create a striking hero header section

After the hero section, the homepage then includes:

  • An about section where you can highlight key information about your brand
  • A number counter section where you can choose key metrics and display them in an interesting way (some key metrics could include the number of beers sold or the number of happy customers)
  • An easy-to-use shop feature that showcases three different product lines, whereby a customer can quickly add several beers to their cart
  • An events feature showcasing upcoming events
  • A newsletter sign up form for customers to join your mailing list
  • A blog feed with an overview of your latest posts
  • And finally, a fullscreen section dedicated to sharing an engaging quote from the founder
Divi Space Divi Brewery Child Theme Home Page

Share a quirky quote from your founder

Sell Your Beers In Style

The problem with most eCommerce websites is that it’s often not all that easy for a customer to make a purchase. Product pages lack adequate information, the main shop page is confusing to navigate, and completing the purchase and payment process is complicated.

With the Divi Brewery Child Theme, you can rest assured that the online shopping experience of your site will be flawless from start to finish; your customers will be able to navigate through your products and be able to complete purchases easily and effortlessly.

Shop Page

First, the shop page is beautifully designed and easy to use. Here, you’ll find:

  • Breadcrumb navigation to help your customers access and move between main and inner pages
  • A tab module stylishly designed to showcase either All Products or individual product ranges (for example White Beers, Dark Beers and Fruit Beers)
  • A sort and filter feature allowing your customers to view your products by popularity, rating, latest added, lowest price first or highest price first
  • A featured image of the products as well as brief information so that the customer knows what they’re ordering
  • A quick add button that’ll immediately add the product to their cart
Divi Space Divi Brewery Child Theme Cart Page

Use the already-setup shop, simlpy enter your content and get selling


Individual Product Page

Once your customer opens the individual product’s page, they’ll be delighted. The design of each page is great, offering a clear and easy way to purchase products.

Each product is set up as a variable product in the WooCommerce back-end. Here, you’ll be able to add product variations for different size bottles or different percentages of alcohol. This is great for brands that are selling beer ranges packaged in different sizes, as well as variations of popular products, possibly as dealcoholized options.

Divi Space Divi Brewery Child Theme Single Product Page

Add your content and start selling your beers

Also within the single product page is a review and rating system, as well as a space for customers to leave comments. Finally, to encourage cross-selling, there’s also an automatic Related Products feed

Shop Description Page

Finally, an extra addition to the Divi Brewery Child Theme is the shop description page. Here you can add information about each of your product ranges and beer types. If your customers need a more detailed explanation of what each beer varietal tastes, the heaviness of the beer, tasting notes and so on, they can refer to this page to get more information.

Divi Space Divi Brewery Child Theme Shop Page

Use the extra section to share more information about your beers


Cart, Checkout Thank You and My Account Pages

The Divi Brewery Child Theme has all of the bells and whistles already taken care of for you. With this, you can expect already set up and integrated, custom-designed Cart, Checkout, Thank You, and My Account pages.

These pages are all beautifully designed and have carefully been created to make sure your customer has a seamless checkout experience.

Divi Space Divi Brewery Child Theme Cart Page

The child theme includes beautifully designed, custom Cart, Checkout, Thank You and My Account pages

Build Community with In-Person and Online Events

Beer people love beer people. There’s a huge sense of camaraderie between craft beer creators and beer aficionados. When designing a craft beer website and crafting your beer marketing strategy, consider creating events to encourage this sense of camaraderie and grow a community around your beer brand.

To help you along, the Divi Brewery Child Theme includes an integration with The Events Calendar plugin. Extremely powerful, this plugin lets you create, share and promote events directly from your website.

If you have or are trying to build a strong local presence, hold in-person events such as games evenings, tastings, beer and barbecue nights at your brewery’s premises. If you’re trying to grow a national or international footprint, consider creating online events like pub quizzes or quiz nights, and allow anyone with a link to join.

Divi Space Divi Brewery Child Theme Events Listing Page

Create and share events to build a community around your brand

Creating an event is easy. Since the plugin is set up as a custom post type, events can be added using a familiar post editor. From the back-end, you can add:

  • Event start and end dates,
  • Event start and end times,
  • A featured image that’ll stand out on the main event listing page,
  • Images within the event itself,
  • Venue details, if in-person,
  • Organizer names and contact details,
  • Taxonomies—categories and tags—to help structure and organize your events further.

The Divi Brewery Child Theme uses the free version of The Events Calendar plugin, which lets you add prices for events. If you’d like to give your customers the option of purchasing an event ticket through your website, you can upgrade the plugin to the premium version and accept payments for events directly through your site.

Share More About Your Brewery on the About Page

Next, the Divi Brewery Child Theme includes a striking about page for you to share your company information.

Give your customers a look behind the brand; share information about your brewery, why you began the business and what your customers can expect from you. Tie these details in with images of your beer makers, premises or similar and create a really powerful and engaging about page layout.

Divi Space Divi Brewery Child Theme About Page

Add your company’s details and imagery to the about page

The about page also includes an awesome timeline feature. This can be used to share information about your beer brand’s history. The timeline feature is really interesting to look at and engage with, and it’s great for sharing chronological information about your brand’s development over time.

Divi Space Divi Brewery Child Theme About Page

Use a handy timeline feature to showcase key dates in your brand’s history

Build a Blog and Get Seen on Google

For brands pursuing a content marketing strategy, publishing regular blog content is a great way to build your footprint with search engines. Releasing regular blog posts increases the number of URLs that can index in search engines, and if these blog posts are created well—by including a sizeable amount of carefully written keyword-optimized text—then your website will have no problem displaying in search results.

To get you started with pursuing a blog strategy, the Divi Brewery Child Theme comes complete with a custom design blog page and single blog post layouts, as well as curated archive pages.

Divi Space Divi Brewery Child Theme Blog Page

Publish regular content on your blog to get extra XP with search engines

Verify Age Consent Using the Pop-Up

To make sure your brewery website complies with age restriction laws, the Divi Brewery Child Theme includes a pop-up designed specifically for you to check the age of your site visitors. Before they can enter the site, they’ll be asked to confirm whether they are of legal age to view the site. If they click ‘Confirm,’ they’ll be granted access to the site.

Divi Space Divi Brewery Child Theme Age Consent Pop Up Page

Use the built-in pop-up to check the age of your site visitors

Reroute Lost Visitors and Broken Links

Finally, to make sure your site caters to broken links should they arise, the Divi Brewery Child Theme includes an attractive and functional 404 error page. Offering lost users the option to either return to the home page or visit the shop, your 404 error page will look after site visitors that may have navigated to an inactive page or entered the incorrect URL details into the browser bar.

Divi Space Divi Brewery Child Theme 404 Error Page

Use a premade 404 error page to redirect broken links

Ending Thoughts About Brewery Website Design

If you need to create a craft beer website for your brewery or microbrewery, look no further than the Divi Brewery Child Theme. This child theme is powerful, has all of the bells and whistles sorted for you, and really focuses on optimizing the ease and flow of the online shopping experience.

Get your craft beer website in front of your audience, and get your beers into their hands. Purchase the Divi Brewery Child Theme from Divi Space, install the child theme, enter your content and build your brewery website in minutes.

We want to hear from you!

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