Divi Switch 4.0 is Here!!! Celebrating 100k Downloads

Divi Switch 4.0 is Here!!! Celebrating 100k Downloads

Divi Switch just got a huge new update and building completely custom web pages in WordPress has never been easier.

You love the Divi theme because it’s incredible for quickly laying out, editing, and publishing WordPress websites…until you hit a customization wall. You’re humming along dragging and dropping designs into place and BAM! The one feature you need to implement a custom style is missing from the Divi builder. Boo 👎

That’s where Divi Switch comes in. Divi Switch extends the functionality of the Divi builder by adding simple toggle controls and one-click styling solutions for implementing some of the most requested design customization options for the Divi builder.

Watch our release video to see the new Divi Switch 4.0 features in action.

Of course, Divi is amazing and you love to learn new things, but you don’t always have time to stop and find a CSS snippet or to hand-code a tweak. But just because you’re using a page builder doesn’t mean all the sites you build should look the same.

It’s time for an upgrade! Divi Switch has already been downloaded and used on more than 100k websites by designers, developers, and DIYers to save time and get more out of their favorite page builder.

And today, we’re excited to announce Divi Switch 4.0, an update that further simplifies web design. Building completely custom pages in WordPress just got a whole lot easier.

If you’re already one of our Lifetime Members, upgrade now for free to start taking advantage of these incredible new options:

  • Transparent header for the homepage – for seamlessly integrating your menu into hero images or sliders
  • Transparent header for all your other pages
  • Menu hover effect – with 7 built-in animations and hundreds of configuration combinations
  • Enable Divi Shortcodes – for easily embedding design elements into any aspect of your site
  • Upgrades to the builder preloader animations
  • Switch is now translation ready – and already includes Polish and Spanish
  • And, a bunch fresh UI improvements and little bug fixes making Divi Switch smarter and smoother than ever before

Switch is packed with +50 time-saving design tweaks and options for toggles for expanding functionality.

We could spend all day talking about the possibilities, but in this post, let’s dive-in to the awesome new features included in 4.0 and learn how you can speed up development and get the most out of the all-new Divi Switch.

For a breakdown of all the features in Divi Swith check out our comprehensive Switch documentation, other tutorials, and our update and release notes on the blog.

New ‘switches’ to save you time…and money!

We’re always looking for new ways to help your web development process. One of the ways we can help is by releasing updates and new features in Divi Switch. Let’s look at all the new ways Divi Switch is making designing with Divi easier and faster for you.

Create transparent headers for every page

Transparent headers can help you create a stunning visual effect for your website. Typically, setting header transparency could only be done in the Theme Customizer and would take some time to get right. To create this effect, you’d need to find the correct ‘background-color’ option and toggle both the color and transparency slides until you achieved the desired effect.

Divi Switch makes this entire process extremely easy. To achieve the transparent header effect, all you have to do is enable one of two switches.

Within the Divi Switch Header tab of options, you can decide whether you’d like a transparent header enabled on the home page or the rest of the pages of your website, or both.

Divi Switch Transparent Header

Divi Switch Transparent header options

All you have to do is toggle a switch to enable the customization, click Save Changes, and in seconds, you’ve got the desired effect for your site!

Beautiful hover animations for your Divi menu

The new Divi Switch plugin ships with a selection of options or switches that’ll help you create exciting hover animations for your menu. The header is hands down the most important part of your website. Storing both your logo and the navigation menu, this element should not be overlooked!

Adding something as small as a subtle hover animation to your Divi menu can give your site an extra aesthetic element. Typically, setting up hover animations, especially for the menu, could only be done by writing custom CSS in the stylesheet; however, Divi Switch makes this all super easy.

Divi Switch menu hover state options

Divi Switch menu hover state options

With the new menu hover options, you can choose from seven different hover effects for the Divi menu. These hover effects can then be customized further by color and border-height, and you can even opt to force the hover state on the active menu link. See what styles are available in our documentation.

Enable shortcodes in the Divi Library

The next exciting new feature of the Divi Switch plugin is the introduction of shortcodes for the Divi Library. By simply flicking a switch in the Divi Switch menu, you’ll be able to generate a shortcode for each layout in the Divi Library.

Divi Switch enable shortcodes toggle

Divi Switch Enable Shortcodes Option

Enabling and using shortcodes in development will let you use modules in interesting ways, helping you build truly unique Divi pages. With the shortcodes enabled, you can also nest Divi modules. Here, you can place a shortcode anywhere that you can place a Text module, so the options for Divi page, post, and project layouts really are endless!

Translate Divi Switch into different languages

This is a long and on-going project of ours, where we aim to translate all of our plugins into multiple languages. We’ve taken the first step and have translated Divi Switch into two alternate languages:

  • Spanish, and
  • Polish

To change your language settings, hover over the Settings menu, and click the General tab.

Here you’ll find the settings for WordPress core. You can set the language of your site a few options below, where it says Site Language. Here, select either Spanish or Polish from the list.

WordPress settings general tab

WordPress Settings – General tab

Now, when you return to the Divi Switch plugin, all of the plugin languages will be in the alternate language too.

WordPress Polish Translation for Divi Switch

Divi Switch translation ready – Polish

More SVG preloaders for your site

While this isn’t exactly a new feature for the plugin, this switch certainly has gotten an upgrade.

With Divi Switch, you can easily activate an eye-catching preloader for your site. Instead of keeping your site visitors waiting and staring at a blank screen, the preloader will catch and keep their attention momentarily while your site loads.

In the latest version of the plugin, we’ve added plenty of new options for the SVG preloader. With these switches, you can choose from a range of preloader icons, select the transition type, and also set custom background and icon colors to match your brand identity.

Divi Switch Preloader Settings

Divi Switch Updated Preloader Settings and Animations

Setting up a preloader would usually take some serious code work, but thanks to Divi Switch, it’s as easy as enabling a toggle and setting a few customizations.

Divi Switch translated into Polish

Divi Switch translation ready – Polish

UI Improvements and Bug fixes

We’re constantly improving our plugins to make sure they’re compatible with the latest releases of the Divi theme. Whenever Elegant Themes pushes an update of the Divi theme package, we check and double-check all of our plugins in detail, to make sure each function is running smoothly.

In the latest Divi Switch update, we’ve taken care of a number of switches that needed attention, including the Comment Toggle, App Style Menu, Burger Text styling switch, and many more.

You can rest assured knowing that all of our plugins are continually being reviewed and revised to keep up to date with the Divi theme releases.

Do you want to step up your web development game in a serious way? If you’re looking to:

  • Free up your time,
  • Save yourself from having to learn PHP and CSS to make code edits, and
  • Fast track your web development career

add Divi Switch to your development tool kit for as little as $29.00 for a single site. This plugin will pay for itself in minutes.

If you’re already a Divi Switch user, all you have to do is update the plugin from the updates dashboard and you can start using the new switches in seconds.

Ready to save huge? If you’re looking for the best deal for saving on all things Divi, it’s time to upgrade to a Lifetime Membership. Get unlimited access to all our plugins, layouts, child themes, and exclusive member content – for life. You really can’t beat it.

Whatever you chose our expert staff is standing by to help. Enjoy!

Already a Divi Switch user? Which new feature of the Divi Switch plugin are you most excited about? What should we add next?

Tell us in the comments section below, email our support team with your feature request. We look forward to hearing from you.


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