Theme Showcase! Best WooCommerce Child Theme for Divi

Theme Showcase! Best WooCommerce Child Theme for Divi

Setting up an ecommerce website has never been easier! Combine WooCommerce and Divi and you’re able to start selling products online in under an hour.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. With the right child theme and layouts, you can skip the design phase altogether and jump straight into selling.

#1 Users-Choice Ecommerce Child Theme

If you’re looking for versatile layouts and professionally-designed WooCommerce pages to supercharge web development, the Divi Ecommerce child theme is the number one choice for an online storefront on the Divi Marketplace.

You don’t have to take our word for it. With more than 35,000 downloads and tens of thousands of websites using Divi Ecommerce, we’ve put together a showcase of our favorite real-life examples both to inspire and help you get started making money online.

“We built a Marketplace using Divi Ecommerce and now have more than 4300 products. It’s been a huge hit and helped us to add 35 resellers in just our 1st month!”

– 3DOM Digital Agency

Features Included With The Theme

Divi Ecommerce is designed to sell, promote, and market your products with ready-made product, cart, checkout, account, and shopping pages that are built to make you money. Here’s an overview of features Divi Ecommerce child theme users enjoy:

  • Two storefront home pages
  • Custom-designed WooCommerce sidebars
  • Strategically positioned social share icons
  • Demo content for instant site mockup
  • WooCommerce cart and checkout pages
  • Upgraded navigation and integrated search
  • Product grid layout and included sorting
  • 2 Built-in sidebar placement options
  • Sale countdown clock
  • Trending products module
  • Bold hero images and eye-catching feature sliders
  • Accounts, order-history, and detail pages
  • Footer design specifically created for selling

Get your store up and running quickly and customize pages as you go. Now let’s take a look at the very best examples available from real users.

Top 7 Sites Using Divi Ecommerce

We reached out to our members and asked for their best WordPress eCommerce sites built with Divi Ecommerce and the response was everything we hoped for. There were so many amazing entities we couldn’t include them all, but a special thanks and tip of the hat 🎩 to everyone who participated…fine work. This round-up includes 7 of our favorites (including the winner of our Lifetime Membership) and it shows the diversity of products you can sell with Divi Ecommerce. Find even more examples on our product page.

Beauty Care

PassionME uses Divi Ecommerce as a foundation for both online sales and education on their premium beauty products site. You can see with just a few adjustments they were able to customize the whole look and feel of the theme to match their brand identity. We think it’s a stunner.


PassionME is using Divi Ecommerce to sell beauty care products

Fresh Foods

Deep Roots Farm is a small, family-run business using Divi Ecommerce to promote healthy living and sell fresh vegetables to their community. WooCommerce makes it easy to track inventory, keep followers informed about what produce is in season, and allows them to share what markets you can find them at next.

“This was my first ecommerce site and the eCommerce child theme was a godsend. It provided a solid foundation. Exploring taught me a lot about woocommerce and Divi in general. The great support was a huge bonus.”

– Rob

Deep Roots Farm store

Deep Roots Farm sells homegrown produce with WooCommerce

Educational Materials

Learner911 sells educational resources and has taken full advantage of the templates included in the Ecommerce child theme to bring helpful tools to both students and teachers.


This site provides educational materials to students and teachers

Handmade Products

HopeHM has customized Divi Ecommerce to sell personalized gifts for all occasions and seasons. This site proves WooCommerce is perfect for selling all types of items.


We love this example of selling personalized gifts with Divi

Clothing Boutique

CoCo Sorisi is an online boutique for Women Clothing and Accessories. Divi Ecommerce is helping accomplish its mission to provide women everywhere with captivating looks and timeless pieces that continue to re-invent their customer’s daily look. Divi makes it possible to make changes and quickly adjust the site style and product pages.

 CoCo Sorisi

This Clothing Boutique takes advantage of Divi Ecommerce simple setup for selling online

Print Shop

Rima Graphics is a one-stop print shop using Divi Ecommerce to sell online web and print services. Even service industry sites are taking advantage of Divi Ecommerce. They’ve made it easy for users to learn more and purchase print products right from their website.

Print Shop

Rima Graphics is making it easy for customers to purchase print materials online

Online Services

Menus4ALL has brought a much needed service to the food industry. Contactless menus and ordering is just one benefit of their QR Code menu service. Divi Ecommerce was the perfect fit for expanding their services and delivering improved ADA compliant menus in the wake of Covid-19.


Menus4ALL provides live demos and easy pricing for restaurants looking to get started

Commercial Products *Bonus

I know we only said 7 but Chief Steamer is a fantastic example of how WooCommerce can be used for B2B commercial grade products. Chief Steamer is using Divi Ecommerce to promote and sell industial-grade steam cleaners. The diversity of products being sold with Divi Ecommerce is amazing!

Chief Steamer

Chief Steamer shows just how versatile WooCommerce is


Try Divi Ecommerce for your Business

As you can see in just these few examples, there is so much you can do with Divi Ecommerce and no two sites look the same. Divi’s drag-and-drop builder along with the custom styles built-in to the child theme makes it easy for everyone from a DIY project or an agency looking to speed up the development process.

We want to help your website succeed and as the #1 child theme builder on the Marketplace with thousands of lifetime sales you really can’t go wrong. And if you’re not completely satisfied all of our products include a money-back guarantee. Save a bunch of time and start selling quickly.


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