Coopetition, Two Factor Authentication and Custom Login Screens – WP the Podcast Recap

Coopetition, Two Factor Authentication and Custom Login Screens – WP the Podcast Recap

Hosted by David Blackmon of Aspen Grove Studios and Divi Space, and Tim Strifler of Divi Life and Tim Strifler Online Solutions, WP The Podcast is a highly-informative, content-rich 10-minute-long podcast that releases episodes daily.

Created to help the WordPress professional success in reaching their business goals, WP The Podcast covers engaging and captivating topics revolving around WordPress, web development, marketing and business.

In the following post, we recap the past five episodes from the previous week.

WP The Podcast Recap Episode 190

Episode 190: How to Educate Clients When They Have Unrealistic Website Expectations

Episode 190 discusses the process of educating clients who may have unrealistic goals for their websites. Sometimes, clients don’t have a good understanding of what exactly goes into a website. They may see certain builds and think that these builds are easy to attain, however, the process is far more complicated than what meets the eye. For example, setting up an online store or LMS involves a series of steps, and is not just a simple ‘install and activate’ addition to a website. Another common problem in web design projects is scope creep. Here, clients will decide to add additional features or functionality to a build that were not initially quoted for or contractually agreed to. Episode 190 discusses these and other scenarios, as well as how to manage expectations should these instances arise.

WP The Podcast Recap Episode 191

Episode 191: Why You Should Use Two Factor Authentication with WordPress

Episode 191 discusses the importance of using two-factor authentication for your WordPress website. Adding an extra layer of security during the login process, two-factor authentication adds an additional step to the username and password process, such as a code sent to your mobile phone. There are plenty of instances where two-factor authentication would help protect your website, such as data breaches, login attacks on your website, or forgetting your account logged in on a public computer and more. Episode 191 discusses why two-factor authentication is important, especially or WordPress websites.

WP The Podcast Recap Episode 192

Episode 192: How to Monetize Your Knowledge and Experience

Episode 192 tackles the subject of monetizing knowledge and experience. Often, people will ask for help and guidance, wanting to ‘pick someone’s brain’ or ‘bounce ideas around’, however, time and energy spent offering free advice or brainstorming could easily be monetized and packaged as a consulting service. In episode 192, David and Tim discuss consulting services, how to charge for these services, and also, tools that’ll help structure your consultations.

WP The Podcast Recap Episode 193

Episode 193: Coopetition What It Is and Why You Should Care

Episode 193 discusses the topic of coopetition. A play on the words “cooperate” and “competition”, coopetition is a way of doing business where a brand will collaborate with a competitor. Instead of butting heads, working in secrecy and viewing your competitors as a threat or barrier to success, coopetition sees brands align together and collaborate, bringing extra knowledge, expertise, and creativity to various projects. David and Tim discussed the topic of coopetition at WordCamp Phoenix. Watch their talk Coopetition: Banding together with your competition to help grow your business, now!

WP The Podcast Recap Episode 194

Episode 194: Custom Login Screens A Quick Branding Hack

Episode 194 discusses custom login pages for WordPress websites. A wonderful addition to a site build, a custom login screen replaces the generic WordPress login screen with unique content. Here, the web designer can brand the login screen to match the identity of the client by simply adding a logo and changing a few styling options. In the episode, David and Tim discuss custom login pages in depth and share a few tools such as the Custom Login Page Customizer and Divi Ghoster plugins.

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