WP The Podcast Recap – The Top Ten Most Listened to Episodes

WP The Podcast Recap – The Top Ten Most Listened to Episodes

WP The Podcast is a 10-minute daily podcast hosted by David Blackmon and Tim Strifler. They talk about WordPress, business, and marketing geared toward the WordPress web design professional to help them take their business to the next level and get to work right away. In this article, we’ll recap the top ten most listened to episodes.

The Only 3 Things In SEO You Need to Focus On | EP 154

Episode 154 is from Day 4 of Internet Marketing Week and guests Corey Hammond, the Chief Marketing Officer for A2 Hosting. Corey discusses SEO, what search engines are and how they work, technical aspects such as hosting, website framework, sitemaps, and navigation structure, and plugins such as Yoast or All in one SEO. Corey also discusses developing quality content and structure, as well as internal and external links.

5 Reasons to Start a Podcast | EP 160

Episode 160 shows that practically anyone can become an expert podcaster on their favorite topics. It breaks down the 5 reasons to start a podcast and gives tips along the way. It covers how to establish yourself as an expert and the advantages you can get from it, how it can lead to mentoring and partnerships, generate clients, how you learn more about the topic by digging deeper, and just how low the barrier of entry actually is.

Best Tools for Cross Browser and Device Testing Your Websites | EP 158

Episode 158 discusses how and why to test your websites on various browsers and devices and shows how to do this using several tools. They discuss the problems you can run into if you don’t do this level of testing. They describe several free and paid tools and give tips on how to use them.

7 Outdated Web Design Trends You Shouldn’t Be Using | EP 54

Episode 54 discusses 7 trends that web designers should stop using. These 7 trends were once popular, but most of the Internet has moved on. Unfortunately, there are still websites and designers out there that want to hang onto some of these old trends. This episode lists each of the trends and shows the reasons that we shouldn’t use them. They also give advice on what you should do instead.

3 Ways to Ask for Work without Sounding Desperate | EP 161

Episode 161 shows 3 effective ways to ask for work without becoming annoying or sounding like your business is about to collapse. We all need clients and work to stay in business, but there are good and bad ways to go about getting work. It talks about tactics that really work such as being helpful, not being pushy, asking for referrals, creating connects, and more.

7 Habits of Highly Effective WordPress Business Owners | EP 157

Episode 157 discusses habits that we should develop to become better business owners and operators. It steps through each of the 7 habits, showing how they work, how they could be applied, and the benefits our businesses and clients would get from using them. We would all be better business owners if we developed these habits.

How Often Should Your eCommerce Store Run a Sale? | EP 162

Episode 162 focuses on eCommerce and running store sales. Running a sale shouldn’t be random- it should be strategically planned. This episode discusses the best frequency for running sales and shows why this works. They also show what happens when you run too many sales. Finally, they discuss the best season to run sales and how to focus on this season.

5 Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes and How To Fix Them | EP 153

Episode 153 is from Day 3 of Internet Marketing. Corey Hammond discusses email marketing. It covers the 5 most common mistakes and what you should do instead- showing what works, what doesn’t work, and why. They provide tips and tools for building your lists, creating and delivering emails, monitoring your email analytics, and lots more.

7 Mobile SEO Best Practices | EP 164

Episode 164 is all about mobile SEO. It covers what websites need for mobile SEO such as the importance of websites loading fast, image optimization, minifying, reducing popups, touch elements, responsive design, and Google AMP. It also provides links to suggested tools to improve mobile SEO.

How to Remove Barriers When Closing Web Design Deals | EP 159

Episode 159 talks about problems we face when closing the web design deal and how to solve those problems. Topics include electronic signature and invoicing tools, how to answer questions about your products and services, and educating your clients on what to expect.

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