WordPress Plugin Review: Export Order Items Pro for WooCommerce

WordPress Plugin Review: Export Order Items Pro for WooCommerce

Export Order Items Pro is a data exporting tool for WooCommerce with lots of exporting options to sort and view your sale’s data based on your needs. Export data from orders based on a specific date range, product ID, customer, and lots more.

Export Order Items Pro includes both a free and a premium version. I’m reviewing the pro edition – version 2.0.15 with WooCommerce version 3.3.5 and WordPress version 4.9.6.

Installing Export Order Items Pro

Upload and active the plugin and normal. A new item is added to the WooCommerce menu call Export Order Items. Click this and enter the license key. Once you activate a valid key the menu will display where you can use the plugin.

Export Order Items Pro – Order Filtering

Order Filtering lets you choose the date, what order status to include, specific fields, and customer role.

The Export Period includes 10 preset date-ranges and you can specify a custom date range. Choose the start and end date and time from drop-down boxes.

The field selection has logic where you can specify how it will decide what to include.

Roles are all of the types of users of your website. You can see order placed by your authors, subscribers, guests, etc.

Export Order Items Pro – Line Item Filtering

Line Item Filtering lets you choose what products to include. Filter by tags (choose all products or specify categories and product ID’s), product tags, fields, include free items, items with refunds, and choose whether or not to include the shipping.

If you choose specific fields you can use logic to define what to include. Shipping allows you to define the template with method and line tags. You can also choose to include only one line per order.

Export Order Items Pro – Export Fields

Export Fields gives you a screen to select which fields will be included. Several are checked by default but you can uncheck them or check others that you want to display.

You can drag and drop the fields in any order you want and you can rename them.

Add even more fields by selecting them from the Add Field drop-down box.

Export Order Items Pro – Output

Output determines the file type, sorting, header, and totals. Sort by Order ID or Product ID in ascending or descending order. Header shows the field names row in the first row. Totals are displayed under the last row.

You have 6 options for the format including versions of CSV, XLS, and HTML. You can also enter the characters that will separate and surround the fields. It includes defaults but you can replace them with your own if you want.

Export Order Items Pro – Presets

The area above the settings lets you save your settings as a preset. A new tab is added to the settings screen called Presets where you can view all of your custom presets, run them, edit them, or delete them.

Creating your own custom presets saves a lot of time from having to enter the same values and options every time. I’d like to see a feature to copy them so you could create a modified version of a custom preset without having to reenter all of the details and options.

Export Order Items Pro – Examples

Once you’re ready to export, click the Export button at the bottom of any of the settings’ screens. If you’ve created custom presets you need to go to the Presets tab and run the preset from the list by clicking the ‘play’ button.

This is the standard CSV file. I’ve opened it in Excel but it can be opened in other spreadsheet apps and even text apps.

This is the CSV ASCII file. It has a cleaner default format.

This is the XLS/XLSX file (they’re both Excel). It has a clean design and places the titles in bold by default.

HTML opens in a tab within your browser. It provides a clean table with bold headings.

HTML Enhanced provides also opens in a new tab within your browser and provides a lot more features than standard HTML including sorting, the number of entries to show, search, and pagination. It shows how many entries there are and which numbers of those entries it’s showing you currently. For this example I’ve included the Totals, which display at the bottom.

Export Order Items Pro License

There are two licenses to choose from:

  • 1 site $29.99
  • 5 sites $59.99

Documentation is supplied as a PDF download and includes a short description of the features and links for support.

Ending Thoughts

I found Export Order Items Pro to be highly intuitive. Even though it has a lot of filtering features it isn’t hard to set up and use. The default settings provide a lot of data but easy to customize the exported file to include data based on your needs. I also like that it saves your presets. You can create as many presets as you want and run them easily.

It’s an excellent tool to see your best-selling and top-grossing products as well as your best customers, and it’s compatible with other plugins from Potent Plugins to expand your WooCommerce reporting tools.

Purchase Export Order Items Pro from Potent Plugins. They even have a free version and a 14-day money back guarantee, so you can easily know if this plugin is right for you.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried Export Order Items Pro? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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