Unveiling the Latest Updates to the Testify Testimonial Plugin for WordPress

Unveiling the Latest Updates to the Testify Testimonial Plugin for WordPress

We’re so excited to share some exciting news with the Divi community!

Our popular plugin, Testify – The Ultimate Testimonial Plugin for WordPress – has been upgraded to include a number of awesome new features!

Use Testify from within the Divi Builder

Even though Testify is compatible with any WordPress theme, we’re Divi devotees, and with this, we wanted to create a deeper level of custom functionality to satisfy the needs of both Divi and Extra users.

For the latest update of Testify, we’ve re-engineered the plugin to integrate seamlessly with the Divi Builder itself. This means that if you’re a Divi or Extra user, you’ll be able to insert and customize your Testify testimonial even more easily from within the familiar Divi Builder console.

With the new update, you’re still required to add and configure testimonials via the Testify console itself.

Navigate to Testify > Add New Testimonial and enter your testimonial content (customer’s feedback, name, their testimonial copy and an image of them uploaded to the Featured Image console).
Remember, Testify allows for the use of categories and tags, so, if you’d like to display a certain type of feedback from a select group of people on a specific page, simply structure your testimonials to allow for this.

Also, to add even more levels of differentiation between the testimonials displayed throughout your site, Testify allows for the individual styling of testimonial categories.

This is perfect for those who’d want to display multiple testimonials on a site, but give each one a unique look and feel.

For example, you could display “general feedback” testimonials on your home page, and style it to match your web elements, and then, add a special “customer service” testimonial display on your contact page, and give it unique styling to really emphasize your business’ excellent service.

Once you’ve created a number of testimonials, you’re ready to add them to your website. Head over to a Page and click “Use the Divi Builder”.

Previously, testimonials had to enter through the use of a shortcode generated by the Testify plugin, now the Divi Builder handles everything!

Now you can set up and style your testimonial to match just about any brand identity or website aesthetic.

Within the General Settings tab, you’re able to set the core structure and function of your testimonial, including the number of testimonials to display, the order they’ll animate in and whether the testimonial display will be restricted to either an already-created category or tag.

In the Advanced Design Settings tab, you’re able to set all of the aesthetics for the text styling of both the author name and testimonial copy sections. These parameters include font family, font size, text color, letter spacing and line height.
Finally, if desired, Testify, as all other Divi modules, allows for additional CSS scripting through the Custom CSS tab.

Limit Characters for a Uniform Look and Feel

In the latest version of Testify, users now have the ability to shorten the text of lengthy testimonials and add a nifty “Read More” button.

This is excellent for creating a uniformed aesthetic for the testimonials.

Now in the event that an extremely happy customer writes an extensive review, of say 500 characters, you’re able to set a maximum character limit and display a Read More button for those who’d like to continue reading.

As with all elements in the Testify plugin, the Read More button can easily be styled to match your website’s aesthetic.

Hyperlink to the Author’s Website

Next, the Testify plugin now allows you to hyperlink directly to the website of the author.
Now, potential clients will be able to visit the personal or business website or blog of your previous client.

This is amazing for increased levels of credibility as it shows an even stronger declaration of approval of your services, brand, and abilities.

Integrate Testify with Leading Form Plugins

Testify is so easy to use that the hardest part of creating testimonials is actually asking your customer to send you a review.

We decided to make this process even easier for you, and have developed Testify to integrate with a number of leading WordPress form builder plugins.

Now, you’re able to create a special “Testimonials” form on your website using your favorite form builder plugin. You can easily send your clients a link and ask them to fill in the testimonial content.

Once a Testimonial has been submitted, the form will automatically save the submission on the back end of your website, and can be approved to display on the front end at the click of the button!

Testify is integrated with a number of leading form builder plugins including Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and WP Forms‘ PRO version, with a Ninja Forms integration coming soon too!


If you’re ready to start leveraging the power of testimonials and take your business to the next level, purchase Testify today!

Testify is available as a single product purchase, as well as in a Membership Plan which will give you access to every Aspen Grove Studios product!


We want to hear from you!

We hope that you enjoy using Testify on your website! We have no doubt that this will help streamline your workflow and help you showcase the amazing feedback of your business!

If you have any queries or comments, please feel free to share them below. We love receiving your feedback.
Thanks for reading!

Lisa-Robyn Keown

Lisa-Robyn is a qualified copywriter and brand strategist from Cape Town, South Africa.