Transform Your Website’s User Experience with Our Latest Plugin: Divi Breadcrumbs!

Transform Your Website’s User Experience with Our Latest Plugin: Divi Breadcrumbs!
We’re so excited to showcase our latest plugin for Divi, Divi Breadcrumbs! Compatible with both the Divi and Extra themes, Divi Breadcrumbs will help transform the form and function of your website in a matter of seconds!
With our latest plugins, adding a breadcrumb navigation through your pages and posts is quick, easy and fun!

Named after the famous Brothers Grimm fairytale, Hansel and Gretel, where a trail of breadcrumbs helped two lost children find their way home, breadcrumb plugins enhance the navigation of a website by adding a location trail through the site’s pages, posts and projects.

Divi Breadcrumbs Plugin Divi Builder

A subtle but incredibly powerful addition to your website, breadcrumb navigation not only improves the user experience of your website by giving site visitors a clear path through your content, but it also improves the indexability of your site as search engines will better understand the relationship of various content types.

With Divi Breadcrumbs, you can add breadcrumb navigation to any page in a matter of seconds. Unlike other breadcrumb plugins, that are very technical in form and confusing to set up, Divi Breadcrumbs is a setting-less plugin and has no complicated configuration steps. Divi Breadcrumbs also supports all archive types, so whether you’re creating a page, post, project or custom post type, all taxonomies will automatically be accounted for by the plugin.

While other breadcrumb plugins restrict breadcrumb display to the header alone, Divi Breadcrumbs lets you use the Divi Builder to add breadcrumb navigation wherever you like on a page or post. Extremely easy to use, Divi Breadcrumbs can simply be used within the familiar Divi Builder console and added as a standard module to any page, post or project in your Divi or Extra website.

All styling of Divi Breadcrumbs takes place in the WordPress customizer, where aspects such as font-style, size, padding and more can be set to match any brand identity or website aesthetic.

Divi Breadcrumbs Plugin Customizer


Designed to have no conflicts with the website’s core files Divi Breadcrumbs is lightweight, powerful, and an essential plugin to add to your development toolkit. Making use of the built-in icon set already integrated within both the Divi and Extra themes, Divi Breadcrumbs adds no additional load to your server, and will not have a negative effect on your website’s speed.

If you’d like to see the Divi Breadcrumbs plugin in action, view the live demo here.

If you’re ready to start impressing your site visitors and improving your rankings, purchase Divi Breadcrumbs now!




Divi Breadcrumbs is available as a standalone purchase but is also included in the both the Divi Space Lifetime Membership and Annual Membership. If you’re interested in becoming a Divi Space member, have a look at what’s included in the membership and also check out the member’s only perks.



We hope you’ll enjoy building incredible Divi and Extra websites with Divi Breadcrumbs! Let us know your thoughts about Divi Breadcrumbs below in the comments!

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Lisa-Robyn Keown

Lisa-Robyn is a qualified copywriter and brand strategist from Cape Town, South Africa.