The Top 7 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

The Top 7 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

If you’re building a WordPress website, adding a contact form is an important web element to include. A contact form will give your customers a quick and easy way to contact you, without having to leave the site. But choosing from one of the hundreds of WordPress contact form plugins on the market can make this decision a tough one.

In the following post, we’ll share our top selection for the best WordPress contact form plugins. The plugins suggested are a collection of free, freemium and paid form plugins.

Why You Should Add a WordPress Contact Form Plugin to Your Website

In this age of modern-day web browsing, site visitors love two things: speed and convenience. They want to be able to take lightning-fast action and have their needs met at the click of a button. If a site visitor–or potential customer–feels the need to contact you, they don’t want to spend time looking for your contact details.

Contact forms have become a stock-standard element for any website design. Typically resting on the website’s contact page, the contact form offers your site visitors a quick and efficient means of contacting you. The best thing about a contact form is that users can connect with you without having to leave the website.

There are alternative ways of offering contact details, such as sharing your email address on your site. This option requires someone to open their mail client and draft an email to you, meaning they could get distracted by their inbox, lose interest and then never return to your website. Another popular contact vehicle is a chatbox. These are great customer support solutions for guiding a site visitor through a series of typically asked questions, but chat boxes can be frustrating, especially if someone just wants to communicate with a person.

With this, contact forms remain one of the easiest and most attractive methods for establishing a direct line of communication between your client and their consumer.

Choosing the Perfect WordPress Contact Form Plugin

WordPress users are spoiled for choice, but with so many options available, selecting the best plugin can be a challenge. With hundreds of WordPress contact form plugins to choose from, it can be a feat to make this decision. When selecting a plugin, We suggest keeping the following in mind:

  • Your business: Are you creating a single website or are you a developer that will be working on a number of client sites? If you are creating multiple sites, you may opt for a form plugin whose license accommodates unlimited sites (if you’re going the paid route).
  • The form objective: Simple contact forms that include standard form fields are available in pretty much every free WordPress contact form plugin. However, if you require more advanced functionality for a form, such as requiring multiple forms, conditional logic, the origination of forms, uploads and so on, you may need to opt for a premium form plugin, one that gives you more options. For example, you could build a quiz or tool for your WordPress website using a form alone, but for this, you’ll need a rather robust contact form plugin.
  • Your development skill level: Consider your technical skill level. Are you comfortable with manipulating code or would you prefer a visual builder that lets you bypass the behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts altogether?
  • Your investment: Cost plays a part in this decision. There are some awesome free plugins out there, but these come with somewhat limited functionality. If you’re looking for a robust form, one that can go above and beyond for you, you may want to invest in a premium plugin, or, if your budget does not allow it, craft a workaround or alternate application.

The Top 7 Best WordPress Form Plugins for Divi

WP Forms

WPForms Contact Form Plugin for WordPress


A great form builder plugin comes from WPForms. This WordPress contact form plugin is available as a free version; WPForms Lite, available in the WordPress repository; and as premium plugin packages. The free version is really powerful, and you can install it on as many sites as you like.

WPForms is incredibly easy to use. It has a drag and drop builder that makes creating a form a total breeze. You can build a form in a few minutes and have it up and running in no time; there are also a few simple templates to help get you started. The free version of the plugin has everything you need: standard form fields, easy to set up email notifications and spam protection in the form of honeypot and captcha.

If you’re looking for any feature above and beyond these, you’ll need to purchase one of the tiered payment plans. With the pro version of the plugin, you can add complex functions to your forms and website, such as adding email subscription forms, accepting payments via forms, allowing file uploads, creating multi-page forms, enabling signatures and much more. You can also create forms with deep levels of conditional logic, a great feature for capturing complex user information. The pro version of the plugin comes with over 150 templates that you can use as frameworks for your forms.

There are several awesome add ons that’ll help your form integrate with payment gateways, email clients, CRMs and Zapier. There are also add ons that’ll help you make surveys and polls, thus eliminating the need for TypeForm or Google Forms, as well as an add-on that tracks a user’s journey through your web pages and posts before they submit your form. Another great add on is the Conversational Form Add On, which sort of mimics the TypeForm style of asking one question at a time, making the interaction feel less formal and the overall experience less overwhelming, particularly for bigger forms with many questions.

In summary, WPForms is a great option if you’re looking for a great WordPress contact form plugin for your site. The free version WPForms Lite is awesome and the pro version is really powerful.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Form Plugin for WordPress

Gravity Forms

One of our firm favorite WordPress form plugins is Gravity Forms. This is exclusively a premium, paid plugin, there is no free version. Gravity Forms has an initiative visual form builder, giving its users the ability to design and build immensely powerful and secure forms in a matter of minutes

Gravity Forms is a pretty costly form plugin, starting at $59 for a single site, up to $259 for unlimited sites. While the price is quite high, the level of advanced features and customization ability in Gravity Forms makes it worth it. This WordPress form plugin is better suited to a developer looking to create complex applications through forms, and there’s top-notch support available 24/7.

Once installed and activated, creating a form is as easy as selecting and customizing fields, and embedding them onto your site. From building multi-page forms with both standard and advanced fields, form scheduling and conditional logic, Gravity Forms is a great option for web developers that are creating forms of varying levels of complexity on a regular basis.
Furthermore, the plugin comes with a series of advanced features, seeing add-ons include the ability to create surveys and quizzes, allowing users to set up and schedule appointments, enabling directories and also allowing for user-submitted content.


Forminator by WPMU DEV Contact Form Plugin for WordPress


Next on our list is the Forminator plugin from WPMU Dev. Another amazing contender, Forminator comes in both a free version available from the repository, as well as a pro version purchased via WPMU Dev.

The free version of the plugin packs a punch and gives you everything you need to build a simple contact form for your site. It has an easy to use drag and drop interface, which makes adding and arranging fields a breeze. If you’re feeling uninspired, there are several pre-made templates available to you to kick start your form building process.

The premium version of the plugin allows for way more functionality. If you go pro, you can add deeper levels of complexity to your site such as accepting Stripe and PayPal payments, creating engaging quizzes, adding polls to your site, enabling eSignatures, using conditional logic and much more.

Forminator Pro starts at $6 a month for a single site, and goes up to $29 per month for unlimited sites. There are a number of packages available via the WPMU DEV site, where you can bundle Forminator with the SEO and Marketing pack, or purchase a full WPMU DEV subscription.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

Ninja Forms

Another feature-rich form plugin that allows you to create forms in rapid speed is Ninja Forms. With an easy-to-use interface with a drag-and-drop builder, Ninja Forms is great for beginners. A freemium solution, there is a free version of the plugin on the WordPress repository, as well as a paid version on the Ninja Forms site.

With Nina Forms, form fields are simply added and customized, and the user is able to preview the form at any stage. While the base plugin is free to use, if you need any complex functionality beyond this, you’ll need to purchase a premium extension or add-on.

Some top add-ons include integrating third-party software, enabling conditional logic, allowing file uploads and creating multi-part forms. When purchasing individual add-ons, the cost can rise quite quickly, so purchasing a bundle or membership can be a good option here.

Between the add-on costs and the package costs; starting at $49 for a single site and reaching $249 for unlimited sites; make sure you weigh the pros and cons between the functionality you want and the price you’re willing to spend.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

Formidable Forms

Another developer-forward WordPress contact form plugin is Formidable Forms. Formidable Forms, readily available for download via the WordPress repository, allows you to create simple forms quickly. The free version has only a few options for user entry such as radio buttons, checkboxes and drop-down menus, while more advanced form fields like numbers, scales, file uploads etc. require an upgrade to the Formidable Pro version.

As well as additional field types, the pro version further allows for a series of additional features, including setting up multi-page forms, conditional logic, auto-responders and more.

Formidable Forms includes individually purchasable premium add-ons to accompany the free plugin, as well as tiered payment packages. Again, if you’re considering purchasing a form builder which allows for complex form building and offers great additional features, really weed through the payment plans and add-on options.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the oldest WordPress contact form plugins with millions of downloads in the repository. Free to download, Contact Form 7 is a lightweight plugin that allows you to create multiple contact forms from predefined fields, including email, number, text area.

Contact Form 7 is the least user-friendly and intuitive of the form plugins. It’s difficult to set up and, without a firm grasp of HTML and syntax, some users may struggle to set this plugin up. Also, unlike other solutions mentioned above, Contact Form 7 has no visual interface, so it can be a bit of a pain to navigate and use.

There are several add-ons and third-party extensions available for Contact Form 7, but none of these are managed or recommended via the plugin’s website. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use form, rather opt for one of the alternatives on this list. If you’re up for a challenge and have an understanding of code, give this plugin a try.

Jetpack Contact Form

Jetpack Contact Form Plugin for WordPress


Created by Automattic, Jetpack is a mega plugin that has over 30 modules. These modules vary in form and function, such as displaying website statistics, processing website backups, connecting to the WordPress CDN and more and can be activated at will to suit your website requirements. One of the modules included in the Jetpack mega-plugin is the Contact Form module

The Jetpack Contact Form module creates a simple form structure with a few form fields that can easily be edited. It also allows for radio buttons, drop-downs and checkbox items.

As Jetpack includes a number of modules in a single plugin, you can achieve a great deal of functionality with just a single tool. If your website needs some, or all, of the features included in Jetpack, then this may be a good option for you, but if you only need one module, like a contact form, then Jetpack probably isn’t the best option for you. Nevertheless, Jetpack is free to use, so testing the full plugin and the form builder along with the other modules is worth a shot.

Ending thoughts

Out of the myriad of plugins available, we’ve highlighted a collection of great options, and hope that these will aid in your plugin research processes. To end off this post, we’d like to share our absolute favorite plugins from this list. In no particular order, they are:

  • Gravity Forms: We’re big fans of Gravity Forms, and have been for a long time now. As well as the extensive list of form building options and the myriad of add-ons, Gravity Forms is hands down the most powerful form builder plugin available, and we feel that the Developer Licence package ($ 200.00 annual fee) is possibly the best value for money for developers.
  • WP Forms: Another favorite plugin comes from WP Forms. The free version – WP Forms Lite – is so easy to use that setting up a simple form can be done at a rapid speed. When additional functionality is required, premium add-ons can be purchased.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and that our selection has helped that our list of plugins has helped steer your form plugin selection. Which WordPress contact form plugin is your favorite?

If you have any queries or comments, please feel free to share them below. We love hearing your feedback! Thanks for reading!


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