Aspen Grove Studios Acquires WordPress and WooCommerce Plugin Agency, Potent Plugins

Aspen Grove Studios Acquires WordPress and WooCommerce Plugin Agency, Potent Plugins
On April 1, 2017, Aspen Grove Studios acquired the acclaimed Divi development agency, Divi Space. After just a few short months of running and managing both companies, we’ve seen such an incredible response to both brands that we’ve set our sights even further on creation and innovation.

Now, roughly a year later, Aspen Grove Studios is setting off on a second adventure, one that’ll chart our course deeper into the WordPress, WooCommerce and bbPress space.

We’re extremely pleased to announce that as of May 1, 2018, Aspen Grove Studios has acquired Potent Plugins.

Potent Plugins, an Aspen Grove Studios Company

Founded by Jonathan Hall, a trailblazing PHP developer and keen entrepreneur, Potent Plugins is an extremely successful plugin development agency that specializes in WordPress, WooCommerce and bbPress plugin development.

Aspen Grove Studios first came to work with Jonathan Hall over three years ago and, after completing a project together, have maintained a wonderful business relationship ever since. Over the years, Jonathan has been working on a part-time/contract basis for Aspen Grove Studio and Divi Space, lending his exceptional development skills and talents to our products.

With the acquisition of Potent Plugins, Johnathan’s company will fall into our care under the Aspen Grove Studios brand house.

Despite the change in ownership, Jonathan will not only remain a key player in the business but will become one of the core members of the Aspen Grove Studios group. Instead of working part-time for only a few hours a week, Jonathan will be working in a full-time capacity and will take the role of Lead Developer for the Aspen Grove Studios brand.

At present, Jonathan is the lead developer on one of our most exciting projects to date – our first ever Gutenberg theme! Still in development, our Gutenberg theme will ship with over 30 custom blocks and will be ready for launch when WordPress 5 releases. We wrote a little bit about our upcoming Gutenberg theme in one of our latest blog posts on Gutenberg.

With the acquisition, our customers will be able to benefit even more from Jonathan’s skill, talent and expertise through even more innovative and expertly coded products.

Plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce and bbPress

One of the best plugin development agencies operating in the WordPress space, Potent Plugins has built some of the highest rated WordPress plugins to date. Helping WooCommerce and bbPress users better run their websites and businesses, Potent Plugins offers both free plugins, ready for download via the WordPress Repository, as well as premium plugins via the Potent Plugins website.

With 16 plugins in total (10 of which have free versions in the repository), here are some of the best rated, most popular plugins:

Product Sales Report Pro
While WooCommerce has built-in downloadable reports, they’re a bit limited in what they display and also, how they display it. With over 10 000 downloads, Product Sales Report Pro is a trusted and extremely popular WooCommerce reporting plugin that offers a much better option for displaying WooCommerce reports.
For more information about Product Sales Report Pro, read our product review post.

Export Order Items Pro
Lightweight, powerful and an incredible tool to include in a development toolkit. Boasting over 2000 downloads, Export Order Items Pro plugin helps WooCommerce users quickly and easily export sales-related data from a number of presets.
For more information about Export Order Items Pro, read our product review post.

S3 Image Storage for bbPress Add-On
While not a standalone plugin, rather an add-on plugin to Image Upload for BBPress Pro, the S3 Image Storage for bbPress Add-On (2000 downloads) helps bbPress users utilize Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)™ as a storage engine. With over 5 000 downloads, the S3 Image Storage for bbPress Add-On.
For more information about S3 Image Storage for bbPress Add-On, visit the Potent Plugins website.

While these are just a few of the popular plugins, have a look at the full product portfolio over at the Potent Plugins website.

What’s Next for Potent Plugins

While we’ve only just gone through the acquisition, we’ll be taking a bit of time to properly map out the course for the Potent Plugins brand.

Over the next few weeks, you may start to see more information and content relating to Potent Plugins and the product portfolio. You may also start seeing more mention of the dual branding, of Potent Plugins (An Aspen Grove Studios Company) popping up more and more.

As we’re still in the process of strategizing the finer details of the Potent Plugins brand, we will be continuing to sell the amazing products on the Potent Plugins website. The free plugins will also be available for download via the WordPress repository.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll keep updating our audiences about the progress of the merger and the strategy for the Potent Plugins brand.

Despite still being in the early phases of brand strategy, we’ve got a number of exciting and innovative projects in the pipeline! We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got prepared!


We want to hear from you!

We hope that you are as excited about the new Potent Plugins brand acquisition as we are! We encourage you to have a look at the incredible portfolio of free and premium products in the Potent Plugins store. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so please share a comment below!

Thanks for reading!