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Divi Switch

  • Old Price: $29.00

    Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Old Price: $39.00

    Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Old Price: $49.00

    Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Old Price: $199.00
  • Old Price: $449.00

All price options are billed annually (except for lifetime plans). You may cancel your subscription at any time. Products subject to a yearly license for support and updates. View terms.

Gain Full Control Over Your Website’s Appearance
50+ Switches to Fully Customize Your Divi Website!

Remove Main Header Underline

Remove the default line that separates the header from the content.

App Style Menu

Enable an app style menu on desktop, including full width header and burger menu for navigation links.

Make Phone Number Click To Call

Make phone number link in header click to call.

Burger Menu Text

Add text before burger menu in mobile header.

Center Align Top Header Items

Center align top header items in place of default left alignment.

Different Logo on Scroll

Change the logo that appears in the header when scrolling.

Open Social Links in New Tab

By default, social media links open up in the same browser window, causing visitors to leave your site. By opening the links in a new window, you increase the likelihood a visitor will return to your content after checking out your social media channels.

Page Specific Logo

Enables the use of different logos on different page headers. Perfect for e-commerce sites that sell different products with their own logos, or project pages where you want to show the company logo on each page rather than your own.

Transparent Header For The Homepage & All Pages

Create visually engaging effects for your Divi header. Whether you set transparency for either the home page or alternate pages or both, you’ll certainly create some interesting aesthetics for your site!

Menu Hover Effect And Customizations

Choose from seven new hover effects designed specifically for the Divi menu. These hover effects are quick and easy to set up, and, thanks to the sheer number of customization options, can be set up and styled in a number of ways.

Remove Bullet Points From Footer

Remove the bullet points that Divi puts in front of footer links by default for a cleaner design.

Hide Bottom Footer

Remove Divi footer. This gives you the option to create your own footer using the Divi Builder, giving you much more control.

Stop The Footer Floating On Empty Pages

Keep footer fixed at bottom of page, even on pages with little content.

Replace Footer Widgets With Layout

Use your own custom or pre-designed layout in place of the Divi footer.

Remove The Dividing Sidebar Line

Remove the vertical dividing line between blog posts and sidebar menu.

Portfolio Image Aspect Ratio

Change image aspect ratios in portfolio projects to accommodate different kinds of images, like screenshots, video stills, book covers, etc.

Stop Gallery Images Opening A Lightbox

Stop the gallery opening up the lightbox when clicked.

Slider Animation - Slide Description

Adds a number of alternative slide animations: fly in from left, fly in from right, flip on x axis, or flip on y axis.

Slider Animation - Image & Video

Adds a number of alternative slide animations: fly in from left, fly in from right, flip on x axis, or flip on y axis.

Remove The Projects Post Type

Remove Projects post type from Dashboard menu.

Custom Maintenance Page

Create your own custom Maintenance page in the Divi Page Builder and use it in place of standard Maintenance page.

Custom 404 page

Create your own custom 404 page in the Divi Page Builder and use it in place of standard 404 page.

Change Breakpoints

Set the exact breakpoints where you want your page layout to change for different screen sizes (ex: four columns become two, two become one, header changes to mobile version).

Import/Export Options

Export Divi Switch settings for easy use on other Divi-powered websites. Also allows you to export all of your settings as a standalone plugin, so you can remove Divi Switch before turning the website over to a client.

Show Text On Mobile Menu

Change the default Select Page text when using a centered header style.

Collapse Submenu Items In The Mobile Menu

Collapse submenu items inside burger menu on mobile.

Add Category Title To Top Of Category Pages

Show category title at the top of each category page.

Remove Sidebar

Remove sidebar from all post pages.

Add 'Read More' Link Under Posts

Add ‘Read More’ link underneath post preview text on category and archive pages.

Add Separator Line Under Posts

Add horizontal separator line between posts on archive and category pages.

Insert Layout Before Main Content

Easily insert any library item before or after main content.

Insert Layout Before Post Content

Easily insert any library item before post content.

Enabled SVG Uploads

Enable Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for sharper logos, icons, and other images, which WordPress blocks by default.

Add Comments in Toggle

Show/Hide the entire comments section within a toggle.

Enable Divi Shortcodes

Use a Divi Library item as a shortcode, and then embed that shortcode in any post, page or project layout where a Text or Code module is available.
Spend Less Time Coding
And More Time Creating!

More Options

Divi Switch gives you the most customization options of any Divi plugin available. With 50+ switches, configurable in hundreds of combinations, Divi Switch is the most powerful Divi plugin for building high converting websites.

Easy, Intuitive Toggle Switch Format

Quickly and easily make powerful changes to the appearance and funcionality of your website, without ever touching a line of code. Divi Switch does more than fill in the obvious gaps in Divi’s functionality and fix its highly requested features. Its long list of powerful customization options allow you to create a website that stands out from the rest.

More Features

The Divi theme is all about choice and customization. Divi Switch builds on this by giving you the most powerful, versatile, and feature-rich plugin on the market.
Why is Divi Switch the #1 Divi Customization Plugin?

Make impactful visual changes
with Theme Customizer.

Customize mobile menu icons, headers, archive pages, back to top button, and more for a truly unique website!

Super easy to use.

It’s called Divi Switch for a reson – making changes is as easy as well, flipping a switch. You’ll get right away, even if you’re brand new to Divi or WordPress.

Powerful enough
for experienced developers.

Divi Switch isn’t just for beginners. With over 50 customization options that can be used in hundreds of different combinations, Divi Switch gives more experienced website builders the flexibility to create more advanced designs.

Create Custom 404
and Maintenance Pages.

Divi Switch comes with 10 Free 404 and Maintenance page layouts that can be customized to create your own stunning designs. Layouts come in JSON format.

Import/Export allows you to save your
Divi Switch settings and easily apply
them to future websites.

If you have multiple changes that you plan on using over and over again, you can export them as a JSON file. Then simply import this file to future websites — much quicker than manually making the same changes again.

Create and export your own custom
“mini plugin” using individual switches.

You can even remove Divi Switch from client’s websites before delivery (Pro version ONLY – available with Divi Space Membership). Once you’ve made the changes you want in Divi Switch, you can export those switches as a standalone plugin, allowing you to remove Divi Switch from a website before handing it over to a client. Your custom plugin can even have your own name and branding on it, so no one has to know you used Divi Switch!

Here are Just a Few of the Many Things You Can
Accomplish, All With the Flick of a Switch:


  • Center align top header
  • Enlarged top header info
  • Fix/customize mobile headers
  • Add background image to header
  • Make phone # click-to-call
  • Open social links in new tab
  • Different header logo on different pages
  • App-style menu on desktop
  • Custom mobile menu icon
  • Transparent Header For The Homepage & All Pages
  • Menu Hover Effect And Customizations


  • Enable gzip compression for faster performance
  • Remove counter when it hits 0
  • Menu link animations (fly in left, fly in right)
  • Alter image aspect ratios
  • Instagram-style filters for images
  • Enable Divi Shortcodes


  • Hide footer
  • Remove bullets from footer
  • Fix footer at bottom of page
  • Replace footer with layout

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Take your Divi website to new heights with the Divi Switch plugin.

About Divi Switch

Where a simple site edit would have taken a user a considerable amount of time to research and execute, Divi Switch lets Divi users of all skill levels bypass laborious and time-consuming code work with one nifty plugin. With over 50 available switches, each of which can quickly be enabled or disabled in hundreds of different combinations, Divi Switch allows you to make powerful visual and form changes that customize your Divi website in a matter of seconds.


Enhance the Divi Theme

Often referred to as the ‘Swiss army knife’ of all Divi plugins, Divi Switch gives a web user the power to make impactful changes to their Divi website. Extremely easy to use, even for new Divi and WordPress users, Divi Switch offers over 50 toggles or switches that can be either enabled at the click of a button – or at the ‘flick of a switch’. Each switch will produce a change in the Divi website’s appearance, resulting in hundreds of site customizations in numerous combinations.

Where such site customizations would have either required the help of a developer or hours of investigation, tinkering and testing with code, Divi Switch allows the web user to achieve the desired look and feel for their website without ever having to touch a line of code.

Divi Switch not only saves a web users hours of time but too, solves both functional and aesthetic site problems, almost instantaneously. Of the multitude of switch options, some site edits include adding more slider transitions, adding Instagram-style filters to images, hiding a number counter when the final digit hits zero, exploring hundreds of animation and transition options, enhancing the appearance of the menus, altering image aspect ratios and much, much more.


Plugin features

  • Create impactful changes to your Divi website in seconds
  • Bypass hours of code work and create impactful changes to your Divi website in seconds
  • Use over 50 switches in hundreds of different combinations to create a truly unique website look and feel for your brand
  • Make aesthetic and functional changes to your Divi website at the flick of a switch
  • Mobile menu on desktops
  • Light and dark side menus
  • Remove menu and sidebar lines and drop shadow
  • Menu link animations (fly in left and fly in right)
  • Flat menu buttons, 3D menu buttons
  • App style menu (better margins and padding)
  • Hide bottom footer
  • Center top menu items
  • Arrow, circle & diagonal section separators
  • Grayscale, sepia, blur, brightness & invert filters
  • Toggle customizations
  • Change image aspect ratios
  • Cleaner blog comments
  • Blurb icon animations (spin & grow)
  • Slide description transitions (fly in left, fly in right, flip horizontally, flip vertically)
  • Slide image transitions (fly in left, fly in right, flip horizontally, flip vertically)
  • Remove bullet points from footer widgets
  • Stop light-box activity
  • Enlarged top header info
  • Better sub-menus
  • Fixed mobile headers
  • Custom buttons
  • Special code box styles
  • Divi styles for Contact Form 7
  • Remove counter when it hits zero
  • Floating footer fix
  • Project overlays (spin, zoom, slide)

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  • Great value for money

    Like most web designers, I have a list of plugins I use on every site and some are built by Divi Space. Page Builder Everywhere and Divi Switch are always part of my development process. They help reduce my development time and are great value for money. I highly recommend Divi Space to any developer. They offer solid products which are backed by high-quality support.

  • Totally worth the price

    Great upgrade from the module editor. Very easy to manage and totally worth the price

  • It’s become my default for every Divi Site!

    Great time saver and nice price, loving it. And if i may, a feature suggestion:

    >> The ability to add more social media channels from the menu.

    Currently I have to keep editing /includes/social_icons.php would love to do this through a menu. Would mean one less not updatable file in my Child Theme (and saves more time).


  • Your plugins make me look like a pro

    Divi Module Editor was already my favourite Divi plugin, everything I used worked flawlessly. DIVI SWITCH looks like a worthy successor.

    Thanks for the big upgrade. Your plugins make me look like a pro.


  • Using Divi Switch has made my life as a developer easier

    Using Divi Switch has made my life as a developer easier as I spend less time enabling certain CSS “hacks” manually.

    Gives me more time to focus on things like page layout and design because less time is spent adding custom CSS to each Divi Site.

    Highly recommended for everyone from new Divi users to self-proclaimed Divi experts!

  • This will be an immediate install on every Divi website I create.

    I love it! I turned it on and made some major changes to my website with a few clicks. Some of these I was using CSS Hero for, which took much longer. This will be an immediate install on every Divi website I create. And what a great thing that Stephen provided this for free to replace Divi Module Editor. He would have been perfectly justified to offer this as a separate product. That’s how you earn loyalty!

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    Divi Switch

    • Old Price: $29.00

      Billed once per year until cancelled

    • Old Price: $39.00

      Billed once per year until cancelled

    • Old Price: $49.00

      Billed once per year until cancelled

    • Old Price: $199.00
    • Old Price: $449.00

    All price options are billed annually (except for lifetime plans). You may cancel your subscription at any time. Products subject to a yearly license for support and updates. View terms.

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