Potent Plugins

And WP Zone

Have Joined Forces!

It all started one fateful day back in 2015 when Jonathan Hall, founder of Potent Plugins and WordPress developer extraordinaire, reached out to us offering assistance on a WooCommerce issue we posted in an online forum. We immediately recognized his skill and expertise as a developer, and one project turned into several until Jonathan was soon contracting for us on a regular basis. 

Fast forward 3 years to 2018, as our professional relationship and friendship with Jonathan continued to grow, it became apparent to us (and to Jonathan) that his interest and passion was in developing amazing WordPress products and not running a company and all that comes with it. After attending a WordCamp with Jonathan, and meeting him in person for the first time, we began to discuss the acquisition of Potent Plugins and merging our companies into one awesome superpower. By May of 2018 the acquisition of Potent Plugins was finalized and Jonathan joined Aspen Grove Studios as Lead Backend Developer. He hasn’t stopped developing and improving our suite of revolutionary WordPress products since, and remains an integral and valued part of our company to this day.

After two years we have made the decision to merge the potentplugins.com website with aspengrovestudios.com for the benefit of our customers. With this change all Potent Plugins products, user accounts, and purchases will now be available in one location on the Aspen Grove Studios website. It is our hope that this will streamline our processes and improve the overall customer experience.

We would like to take this moment to thank all of our valued customers and we look forward to helping you create amazing things with WordPress for many years to come!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at [email protected] 


Plugins For WordPress, WooCommerce And bbPress

Potent Plugins, one of the premier plugin development agencies operating in the WordPress space, has built some of the highest rated WordPress plugins to date. Helping WooCommerce and bbPress users better run their websites and businesses, Potent Plugins offers both premium plugins available to download on our site, as well as free plugins in the WordPress Repository.

Potent Plugins Products:

  • Frontend Reports for WooCommerce
  • Custom CSS and Javascript Developer Editon
  • Export Order Items Pro
  • Extra Product Options Addon for Export Order Items Pro
  • Image Uploads for BBPress Pro
  • Product Sales Report Pro
  • S3 Image Storage for bbPress
  • Scheduled Email Reports for WooCommerce
  • Zoho CRM Connector Pro for WooCommerce
  • Refund Reports for WooCommerce
  • Subscriptions Reports for WooCommerce
  • VAT Number for Easy Digital Downloads
  • Order Status Time Field for WooCommerce
  • Sales Trends for WooCommerce
  • Price Match for WooCommerce
  • Order Coupon Field for WooCommerce
  • Password Strenght for WooCommerce
  • Product Giveaway Codes
  • Automatically Update Permalinks
  • Connector for WooCommerce and Zoho CRM
  • Custom CSS and Javascript
  • Disable User Registration Notification Emails
  • Donations for WooCommerce
  • Export Order Items
  • Image Upload for BBPress
  • Product Sales Report
  • Replace Image
  • Stock Export and Import
  • WP Squish

What Does This Mean For You?

www.potentplugins.com customers will be redirected to www.wpzone.co

Your order history and product downloads will be available at wpzone.co

Premium products will be available for purchase on the WP Zone website

Automatic updates will be still provided; nothing changes here 🙂

Potent Plugin products will be branded as “WP Zone” (formerly Aspen Grove Studios)

Documentation will be available at wpzone.co/docs

Support will be provided by the WP Zone team (formerly Aspen Grove Studios), you can still open tickets via [email protected] and [email protected] 

We Hope That Change Will Make Things
More Simple, Faster, And Easier For The Benefit Of Our Valued Customers!