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How to deactivate my license key from one site to activate on another

If you are using license key from single site plan or 3 sites plan, you may have seen "Your license key has reached its activation limit. Please deactivate the key on one of your other sites before activating it on this site." error when trying to activate it on a new site.

To deactivate license key:

  1. Log into your account page on our site.
  2. Visit the purchase history.
  3. Under the column named "License keys", click on the "View License" link.
  4. You will see a page with the following columns: Item, Key, Status, Activations, Expiration, Manage Sites, Upgrades.
  5. Under the "Manage Sites" column, click the "manage sites" link.
  6. You will see the list of sites where your license key is active.
  7. Click the "Deactivate Site" link and that should free up your license key to activate another website.


To help you with this complicated processes, we have developed Helper Plugin. Download it from here for free and forget about using license keys.