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Premium Divi Layout Bundle


✓ Self-Hosted WordPress Installation ✓ Divi Theme / Extra Theme or Divi Builder Plugin by Elegant Themes


Premium Divi Layouts Bundle is a free bundle of various layouts. The package includes:

  1. eCommerce Divi Layout - Demo
  2. Web Agency Creative Divi Layout - Demo
  3. Business Divi Layout (Light) Demo
  4. Business Divi Layout (Dark) - Demo
  5. Nonprofit Divi Layout - Demo
  6. Travel Divi Layout - Demo
  7. Podcast Divi Layout - Demo
  8. Cleaning Service Divi Layout - Demo
  9. Landscape Divi Layout - Demo
  10. Restaurant Layout - Demo
  11. Dentist Layout - Demo

The layout folder contains the following files: file with an extension .json and **.txt. ** File with .txt extension describes briefly how to import properly all data in order to use the layout from the Premium Divi Layouts Bundle package. File with .json extension is proper data that should be imported to your theme.


  1. Unpack downloaded Premium Divi Layout Bundle package and choose a layout that you want to import.
  2. Unpacked layout folder should consist following files : [layout name] .json and [layout name].txt.
  3. Log into your Wordpress website.
  4. Navigate to **Divi > Divi Library **

  1. Click on ‘Import & Export’

  1. Select ‘Import’ from the ‘Portability’ pop up.

  1. Click ‘Choose File’ and select the ** [layout name].json** file from your computer.

  1. Once the JSON layout is selected, click ‘Import Divi Builder Layouts’ and wait for the import process to complete.


  1. Add a new page in Pages > Add new.

  2. Click button "Use the Divi Builder".

  3. Add saved layouts from the library. Click button "+".

  1. Go to the section "Your saved Layouts" and choose a saved layout.

  1. Wait for the import process to complete.

  1. Save and publish the created page. At any time you can add custom content and/or change elements in the layout.


After the layout has been imported, copy the CSS code attached at the bottom of .txt file in the selected layout folder and add it to the Divi website using one of the following three methods.

  1. Copy the code below and paste it into the Divi > Theme Options > Custom CSS box. To access, navigate to the Divi Theme Options menu, General tab scroll to the bottom, and paste the code into the box titled Custom CSS. Click Save Changes.

  1. Copy the code below and paste it into the Divi Page Settings. Open a new page, post or project, click the hamburger menu on the top of the screen and paste the code into the pop up titled Divi Page Settings.

  1. Copy the code below and paste it into the stylesheet of a child theme. Navigate to Appearance > Editor, select styles.css, paste the code at the bottom of the file, and click ** Update file**.

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